Kazakhstan is interested in French Giant Atom Areva

Kazakhstan: Areva And Kazatomprom Sign A Strategic Agreement

While, according to Reuters, Areva had started negotiations with the world’s largest producer of uranium, Kazatomprom, according to BFM Business, Kazakh society could make an investment offer on 22 October.

Quoting a spokesman for the French Secretariat for Industry, the global group of financial information, Thomson Reuters , recalls the negotiations between Areva and Kazatomprom. Indeed, at Bercy, it “confirms Areva talks with the Kazakhs, as with all investors who make him of interest brands.” If  the tricolor energy company declined to comment on the subject , the title gained 2.94% in stock in mid-day, said the journalist Dominique Rodriguez.

However, according to the same ministerial source, it  is “more than premature to conclude anything” and “all offers will be watched.” BFM Business precisely indicates that an investment offer should be made on 22 October.

According to a source of the Kazakh delegation wishing to remain anonymous , “discussions are likely on the repurchase of 51% of Areva in Katco”. For the record, this joint venture was created in 1996 to exploit uranium deposits and mines Muyunkum Tortkuduk. Today they are nevertheless considered “the most profitable group,” especially when compared to those of Uramin, the company purchased from loss by Anne Lauvergeon, former director of Areva, through its “inconvenient husband,” Olivier Fric.

For his part, journalist at Les Echos industry service Demoux Pierre , said that the company should be recapitalized early 2017 and that Brussels forcing the French government to find partners to validate the restructuring. Other groups, such as the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) and the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Indutries (MHI), could also take part in the operation.

Kazakhstan is interested in French Giant Atom Areva

November 10, 2016

Written by:
Didier Thomas, http://lenergeek.com/le-kazakhstan-sinteresse-a-areva/
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