Poland, Belarus And Kazakhstan Reach Out To Trump After Election

Poland, Belarus And Kazakhstan Reach Out To Trump After Election

Just hours after voters swept Republican Donald Trump to an upset victory, the leaders of Poland, Belarus and Kazakhstan are all hoping to get the attention of the next US president.

Poland’s president has urged Donald Trump to adhere to promises made by the US to beef up its military presence in Eastern Europe, amid fears among those near Russia that the president-elect may seek to reduce America’s NATO commitments, writes Henry Foy.

US and other western countries agreed at a summit in Warsaw this year to deploy thousands of troops to Eastern European countries that fear possible military action from Russia.

“Fulfilling the NATO provisions established in Warsaw will be the most important for the President,” said Marek Magierowski, a spokesman for Poland’s president Andrzej Duda.

In a letter to Mr Trump, Mr Duda wrote: “Polish-American relations are an important pillar of the European and transatlantic stability We are especially satisfied that during the last NATO summit in Warsaw, the USA decided to increase their military presence in Poland leading to strengthening the Eastern allies’ flank. We hope that your leadership will open new opportunities of cooperation based on two-side obligations.”

At the same time, Poland’s strongly Atlanticist defence minister Antoni Macierewicz said he expects “Polish-American relations will be not just fine, but even improve” under a Trump presidency.

Alexander Lukashenko, the authoritarian president of Belarus – which is wedged between Poland and Russia – said that he hoped Mr Trump would continue the US’ “normalization of relations” with the state he has ruled with an iron fist for the last 22 years, writes Max Seddon.

“Your victory is testimony to the American people’s choice in favor of a politics based on honesty, responsibility, and a search of change,”said Mr Lukashenko, famously dubbed “Europe’s last dictator” by a former US secretary of state. “You set American society alight by returning it to real democracy with your active, sincere, and brave position during the electoral campaign,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has ruled Kazakhstan since the collapse of the Soviet Union, also congratulated Mr Trump. “I believe that, under your leadership, the United States of America will remain a pillar in terms of maintaining stability, security and prosperity around the world,” he said.