Top Managers Of AktobeMunaiGaz Deported From Kazakhstan

Top Managers Of AktobeMunaiGaz Deported From Kazakhstan

CNPC AktobeMunaiGaz violated the law when taking into chiefs and engineers only foreigners. As a result, top managers had to return to their homeland, website reported.

Chinese specialists occupied senior positions in Aktobe. Two of them worked as Directors, one as deputy in the department of oil and gas, and five more – engineers. But their career ended in Kazakhstan as soon as checking prosecutors raided. By law, the company was obliged to create exactly the same number of jobs for Kazakhstanis. As a result, the supervisory authority withdrew permission for foreign rabsily, and heads back home to China.

CNPC AktobeMunaiGaz (CNPC AMG) is one of Kazakhstan’s largest oil and gas producers. It operates several fields in the prolific Precaspian basin in west Kazakhstan. Production comes from the mature Kenkiyak and Zhanazhol fields and the more recent North Truva discovery. The operator has been majority-owned by CNPC and its subsidiaries since 1997.Oil output peaked at more than 125,000 b/d in 2009-12, but has since fallen to less than 95,000 b/d.

The Chinese companies made the first attempts to enter Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry in 1997. After winning a tender on the privatization of AktobeMunaiGaz the CNPC established the CNPC-AktobeMunaiGaz Joint-Stock Company owning 60.3% of its shares. The CNPC-AktobeMunaiGaz obtained the production license for the Zhanazhol, Kenkiyak Oversalt and Kenkiyak Subsalt oilfields in the Aktobe region. In 2003 the CNPC paid over $150 million for increasing its share in the company to 85.42%. Due to the sizeable associated gas production at the Zhanazhol field the CNPC decided to build the gas processing plant at the field; which made it possible to launch gas shipments from the field to the domestic market in southern Kazakhstan through the Bozoy-Shymkent section of the pipeline in 2014. (KazEnergy, 2016)

In 2002, the CNPC-AktobeMunaiGaz commenced exploration in the eastern Pre-Caspian Basin. The Hope oilfield which was discovered in 2005 is considered as one of the major exploration breakthrough of the company in the past decade in Aktobe. Further expanding the oil-bearing area of the Hope oilfield created the need for construction of the oil and gas processing plant, which was finalized in 2011. (CNPC, 2014).