People of Kazakhstan have common goal: to contribute to country’s development – view

February 3. KAZINFORM. BAKU 

Arnur Mukhametkarim

People of Kazakhstan have common goal: to contribute to country's development - view“Into new decade with new opportunities to new economic growth”, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev says in his new annual Message to the Nation voiced at the joint session of the Parliament January 29. The importance of the Message lies in solution of quite new tasks and problems caused in post-crisis period when the entire world suffered from the global financial chaos.

Kazinform disseminates the article by Roman Temnikov, a journalist of Novosti-Azerbaijan International Information Agency, within its regular rubric “Foreign mass media about Kazakhstan”.

The year 2010 – new milestone in development

After adoption of “Kazakhstan-2030” Strategy in 1997 the official Astana approved a 2010 Strategic Plan aimed at development of the country in a short-term outlook. In his address the President noted that Kazakhstan had started living the life as planned in XX century.

Indeed, in 2008 Kazakhstan’s GDP grew twofold compared to 2000 and the country could perform all social obligations. Thus, the average salary rose 5 times, and average pension rose 3 times. The share of population with substandard incomes lowered 4 times (from 50% to 12%).

Time for adoption of right decisions …

It is natural that the problems caused by the global financial crisis were in spotlight of the President’s Address. Despite the destructive impact of the crisis which can be compared with Catherine hurricane Kazakhstan could overcome its consequences due to its strong potential. In particular, Astana succeeded in protection of its financial system and saving the top banks of the country as well as small and medium businesses.

In turn, realization of Road Map 2009 program which was under personal control of N. Nazarbayev advanced socio-economic development of the regions.

Along with this, gross international reserves and assets of the National Fund of Kazakhstan exceeded USD 50 bln and rose more than 25 times in last ten years.

“It is noteworthy to say that last year we spent a part of the National Fund’s reserves but today their volume exceeds the volume of Dec 2008.  Due to the National Fund we could implement our anti-recessionary measures and return the assets which were sold in difficult periods”, the Kazakh Leader says. These are the assets of Ekibastuz GRES-1, Bogatyr coal-strip mine, Kazakhstan’s share in Kashagan project, Mangistaumunaygas and all three oil refineries.

Into new decade with new strategy

Along with the Message, the Kazakh President outlined a new Strategy of Kazakhstan’s development for the second decade of the XXI century. In particular, during the period from 2010 to 2010 the Kazakhstan people must:

– prepare its economy for post-crisis development

– reach sustainable economic growth through forced industrialization and infrastructure development

– invest actively in future to improve competitiveness of human potential

– provide the Kazakhstanis with good social and housing-utilities services

– strengthen inter-ethnic harmony, ensure national security and develop international relations

“Today I am speaking about 162 projects with the investments of KZT 6.5 trln (around USD 44 bln). That is more than 40% of the country’s GDP. Realization of these projects will allow us creating more than 200 thousand new jobs in the nearest three years”, N. Nazarbayev notes. In the forthcoming five years the country plans to put several productions into operation.  These are a gas-chemical complex, mineral fertilizer plants, several electric power stations – Balkhash Thermal Power Station, Moinak Hydro Power Station, a new unit of Ekibastuz GRES-2 and many others. “By 2014 we will finish reconstruction of all three oil processing plants in order to provide internal demand of the country in oil products”, the Head of the State stresses.

Development of agro-industrial complex is one more important segment of diversification, Nazarbayev says. It will develop in three major directions – increasing productivity of labor in agriculture, ensuring food-security of the country and development of export, primarily to the markets of Customs Union’s countries, CA, Caucasus and Middle East.

To date Kazakhstan is involved in attraction of investment from China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates as well as French, Russian, Italian companies to the sum of USD 20 bln. According to the President, these funds will be spent for non-primary sector, for commissioning tens of industrial projects, development of infrastructure and joint ventures.

Entrepreneurship – locomotive power of economy

As N. Nazarbayev said “entrepreneurship will become a core of diversification since entrepreneurs are the locomotive power of modernization of national economy”. “Domestic products are indicators of successfulness of 2020 Plan’s realization”, the President stresses which sets the best pattern of support of own non-primary exporters.

In this view, the Government was entrusted with a task to create an integral system of support of domestic exporters which aims at financing service support of export, allocation of grants to the exporters and export trade financing.

“Non-primary sectors with high export potential and agro-industrial complex must be developed in the northern and southern regions of the countries”, Nazarbayev highlights.

In accordance with the Message Kazakhstan must join the club of 50 most developed countries with most favorable business-climate by 2020.

Good social policy – strong foundation of internal stability

In conclusion I would like to note one more important item in Nazarbayev’s Message which relates to education, healthcare, improvement of life, social protection of the population and care of veterans. Any sovereign state, moreover the country which sets such ambitious goals and possesses huge natural resources and intellectual potential must defend its interests. The Message of the Kazakh president lets us understand that the people of Kazakhstan have a common goal – to contribute to development of the country in order to take a worthy place among the developed countries of the world.