It Is Easier To Do Business In Kazakhstan Than In Belgium

Kazakhstan: Italian Businessmen Intend To Realize Business Projects In The Almaty Region

According to the World Bank and its flagship report “Doing Business” of 2017 , Kazakhstan arrives at the 35 th place worldwide , 1 st countries of the former Soviet Union and far ahead of Belgium (42 th ), the Italy (50 th ) and Luxembourg (59 th ).

It is a publication that is the effect of a small bomb. On October 25, the World Bank ranked Kazakhstan at the 35 th position in the ranking “Doing Business”. Kazakhstan has experienced the strongest growth of the world in this highly respected ranking in the international business community, through reforms that simplify the lives of entrepreneurs as the recording facilitating SMEs who “takes that an hour from the submission of the necessary documents, “according to the World Bank website .

Corruption ignored

The Doing Business report recognizes, however, that are not taken into account several factors, including “the impact of bribes and corruption and “macroeconomic stability” .Clearly, this benefits in Kazakhstan rank well compared to countries such as Belgium (42 th ) and Italy (50 th ) ranked lower. In fact Kazakhstan is ranked 123 th   (out of 168 countries) in the index of perception of corruption in 2015 produced by the NGO Transparency International .

Kazakhstan flies over Central Asia and the former USSR

Kazakhstan still ranks first in all countries of the former USSR, 5 places before Russia, and far ahead of the first Central Asian country represented in the rankings, the Kyrgyz Republic ranked 75 th . Uzbekistan ( 87 th ) and Tajikistan ( 128 th ) are in turn the former USSR countries ranked lower. Turkmenistan, meanwhile, does not even appear in the rankings.

Kazakhstan’s position in this ranking represents well the widening gap economically, but also socially, between Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. The economic crisis hit the region has rather slowed the progression of the countries of the region in this classification for two years. With the exception of Kazakhstan, despite heavy difficulties ( the currency crisis, the tenge , and lack of income due to the fall in prices of raw materials), continues to reform its economy, notably to encourage entrepreneurs.

Il est plus facile de faire du business au Kazakhstan qu’en Belgique

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