Kazakhstan to become one of industrial locomotives of post-crisis economy – Russian politologist Yuri Solozobov


Kazakhstan to become one of industrial locomotives of post-crisis economy - Russian politologist Yuri SolozobovThe President’s Address to the Nation is a concentration of political and economic ideas, it is a thoroughly developed and full of content new industrialization development program of Kazakhstan; Director for International Programs of the Russian National Strategy Institute, political scientist Yuri Solozobov has expressed his opinion concerning the new Address.

“A system implementation of plans mentioned in the Address will lead the country to higher orbit. Already up to 2020 Kazakhstan will become a high-technology state and join the 50 most competitive countries of the world. As a result the young country will become one of the industrial locomotives of new post-crisis economy of XXI century. Now we can speak about the innovation jump of the Kazakhstan’s snow leopard”, – the Russian political scientist believes.

According to him two main peculiarities of the new Address are in its social orientation and extensive support of the modernization project on powerful energy of people. “As a matter of fact, it is referred to the creation of a principally new modern structure of productive forces. The same time more impartial labor differential system will be formed in Kazakhstan. It will cover the main part of the Kazakhstani society”, – Y. Solozobov said.

The main credo of the Address is a developed industrial policy based on internal market. “This will organically connect the economic growth with rising of living standards. Simply said, the industrial economy of Kazakhstan is a new living standard for maximum number of its citizens and high-output working places. It is not occasional that Nursultan Nazarbayev has exactly named the industrial re-equipment of Kazakhstan as “the nation-wide objective of the whole country”, – he said.

According to him the Address of Nursultan Nazarbayev has aroused a great resonance in Russian society. “Now Russia is discussing the principal parameters for new forced industrial-innovation development of the country. Here, the experience of Kazakhstan in new industrialization will be crucial for Russian people”, – the political scientist said.

“I am confident that Nursultan Nazarbayev will rank a worthy place in the history as one of the greatest reformers of XX-XXI centuries”, – he concluded.