Crucial to strengthen interaction in countering international terrorism – D. Dzhumanbekov


Kurmat Samarkhan

Crucial to strengthen interaction in countering international terrorism - D. DzhumanbekovAs is known, over the last years a powerful impetus has been given to further strengthening of political interaction within the SCO based on joint struggle against terrorism, separatism, extremism, drug expansion and other security threats. The Regional Antiterrorist Structure of the Organization plays a direct role in practical implementation of the set objectives. Director of the RATS SCO Executive Committee Dzhenisbek Dzhumanbekov gave an interview to Kazinform correspondent.

Could you please tell us what is the purpose of creation of RATS SCO and whether it is an effective mechanism in struggle against terrorism or not?

RATS is a constantly operating body of the SCO and is aimed at coordination and interaction of competent bodies of the SCO member-states in struggle against the mentioned threats.

Its primary objectives and functions are the development of proposals and recommendations concerning the issues of cooperation development in struggle against terrorism, separatism and extremism as well as contribution to competent bodies of the Sides in preparation and holding of antiterrorist head-quarter and battle exercises including investigative and other measures, establishment and support of operating contacts with international organizations.

During such a short period of time we have developed an efficient normative legal base which let special services and law-enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan gradually and effectively carry out joint antiterrorist activity.

What lines of activity are the priority ones for RATS at present?

I think RATS needs to develop and strengthen interaction with international and regional antiterrorist structures more actively. In this regard we defined certain ways of interaction with Executive Directorates of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee; as well as certain agreements were reached and practical measures were taken for further development of cooperation with the SCTO Secretariat, CIS Antiterrorist Center, OSCE Antiterrorist Subdivision and Coordination Service for Boarder Security Troops Council of CIS countries and other organizations.

What plan do you have as a newly Director of the RATS SCO Executive Committee?

My plans, as well as of two previous heads of the committee are aimed at quality execution of decisions made by the ATS SCO Council where Kazakhstan is its chairman. Here I should mention first Director of the Executive Committee V. Kassymov (Uzbekistan) and its second Director M. Subanov (Kyrgyzstan) who made a great contribution to the development of our structure.

This year RATS intends to render assistance to the Russian Federation in promotion of security for measures devoted to the 65th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, as well as to China and Kazakhstan in enhancing security for the World Exhibition “EXPO-2010” in Shanghai, Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 and Winter Asian Games 2011 in Kazakhstan. By the way, in 2008 competent bodies of SCO countries rendered active support to China enhancing security during Olympic Games in Beijing.

What is the role of annual joint antiterrorist trainings held within the RATS SCO?

That is a good question. Yes, RATS is intentionally holding activity on rising of the antiterrorist potential of SCO countries. The mechanisms of reaction to different types of terroristic threats are developed through regular joint antiterrorist trainings. For example, during April, 17-19, 2009 joint antiterrorist head-quarter exercises “Norak-Antiterror 2009” were held on the territory of Tajikistan within the RATS SCO. Representatives of the CIS Antiterrorist Center, CSTO, UN OSCE and diplomatic missions (USA, France India, Iran, and Pakistan) took part in the event as observers.

Joint antiterrorist exercises of the SCO member-states “Peaceful Mission -2010” is expected to take place this autumn on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The issue on struggle against the international terrorism is close to the situation in Afghanistan. Can RATS SCO render support in settling of a situation in this country?

I think there is no such a person who could be indifferent concerning the situation in long-suffering Afghanistan. It is natural that RATS is interested in stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan. The SCO-Afghanistan Contact Group was created for this purpose on November, 4, 2005. The Rules and Procedures of the SCO representatives of the Contact Group were approved by the decision of the Council of Foreign Ministers as of May, 15, 2006.

A special conference on Afghanistan was held in Moscow under the aegis of the SCO on March, 27 last year. Representatives of SCO member-states as well as other states, international organizations including the UN took part in the conference. Last May the heads of competent bodies of the SCO member-states authorized to deal with illegal drug trafficing met in Moscow. In the present context, as never before the reinforcement of interaction of competent bodies and law-enforcement agencies of the SCO member-states on efficient reaction to international terrorism coming from so called “regions of instability” including those on the stage of preparation, training and movement of militants for fulfillment of certain terrorist acts.