Kyrgyz Officials Can’t Call Actions Of Kazakh Internet Providers Collusion

Kyrgyz Officials Can’t Call Actions Of Kazakh Internet Providers Collusion

Kyrgyz officials can’t call actions of Kazakh Internet providers collusion, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Information Technology and Communications Eshmambet Amatov said today at a round table.

According to him, before calling their actions collusion, it is necessary to investigate and clarify the circumstances.

The representative of Aknet Company Ruslan Abdymazhitov noted that this was collusion because main operators were informed about increase in the tariffs on the same day.

“We get the Internet from Kazakhstan, therefore we should negotiate with partners. But even lower prices are high in terms of the global trends, which indicate reduction of tariffs,” he said.

Recall, operators of Kazakhstan increased the cost of the Internet for Kyrgyzstan three times. The parties agreed on the decline, but the Kazakh providers are in no hurry to cut prices and to conclude new contracts.

Chairman of Kyrgyztelecom Board Emil Eshenaliev insists that the Board of Directors of JSC was informed about the contract at higher prices on the Internet. He said it today at a press conference.

According to him, there is no need to coordinate the matter with the Board of Directors. “We still have notified them. There was a verbal agreement, the protocol wasn’t issued,” Emil Eshenaliev said.

Answering the question how the contract conclusion was discussed with the Board of Directors, he said: “During a personal meeting. We have one reception room. We met there or in my office. We notified them.”

It should be noted that the Board of Directors of Kyrgyztelecom says the opposite: the decision to sign the agreement was taken by the management, and the board wasn’t informed about that.

“We were forced to sign a contract with the Internet providers of Kazakhstan. We were held a pistol to head,” Chairman of the Board of Kyrgyztelecom JSC Emil Eshenaliev said at today’s press conference.

According to him, the company provides Internet for 90,000 subscribers. The Ministry of Interior, the National Security Committee, banks are among them.

“If they were left without the Internet, response would have been even worse. We would have suffered serious financial losses due to lawsuits. We were held a pistol to head. We had no choice. We have signed the contract, but it is not a panacea. This doesn’t mean that we would work on it for a year. KazTransCom gave the minimum price. We turned to other suppliers, and they have begun to reduce the cost. We chose the lowest that we were offered,” Emil Eshenaliev said.

He added that he was ready to defend his honor and dignity in the relevant authorities, as he believes that he was slandered. “It is slander, that I offered someone a bribe. I will defend my honor and dignity,” Emil Eshenaliev said.

26/10/16 08:05, Bishkek – news agency, by Julia KOSTENKO