Italy Prosecutors Drop Eni Kashagan Corruption Case

Eni, Kashagan And Bribes To Kazakh Officials

Italy’s Eni said on Tuesday Milan prosecutors had asked for a corruption case involving the oil major’s business activities in Kazakhstan to be dropped.

Prosecutors had investigated former Eni managers over the payment of suspected bribes worth 15 million euros in the period up to 2007 to win contracts at the giant oilfield of Kashagan.

“Eni notes that internal checks had turned up no illegal conduct,” the group said in a statement.

Prosecutors had probed a total of 25 people over the allegations including then managers of Eni, the request by the prosecutors, seen by Reuters, showed.

Under Italian law a company can be held responsible if it is deemed that it failed to prevent, or attempt to prevent, a crime by an employee that benefited the company.

(Reporting by Emilio Parodi and Stephen Jewkes)