Eni-Kazakhstan, Milan Prosecutor asks Storage Case

Eni-Kazakhstan, Milan Prosecutor asks Storage Case

MILAN (Reuters) – Milan prosecutors filed in recent days filing a claim against 25 people, among then leaders of the Eni Group and other companies, and alleged intermediaries, to completion of the investigation for criminal association and international corruption which assumed the payment of 15 million bribes of up to 2007 for contracts in Kazakhstan in the Kashagan oil field.

I refer to two sources familiar with the dossier and it is clear from the request, which Reuters has been able to read, after today’s news was published by the Republic. Eni in a statement “takes note” of the archive request, adding that “internal audits did not reveal any illegal conduct.”

In the investigation, which in 2012 had also led to the request for receivership Agip Kco (the operating division contrallata by Eni in Kazakhstan), then rejected by the investigating magistrate over a year later, also resulted investigated the legal person Eni, according to the law 231 . the sources add that a similar request to dismiss for society will then be sent by the prosecutor’s office investigating judge in the coming days.

The prosecution, in its request, notes that “in fact there have been substantial bribes by companies of Bateman Group (Israeli company that allegedly would have acted on behalf of Agip Kco) in favor of companies related to the screen figures of ‘ local establishment, what is commonly referred to as ‘the oligarchy Kazakh’ “but” were not acquired declarative contributions, or specific documentary evidence “and have not been identified Kazakh officials alleged money terminal.

Among the most important leaders of the period, for which storage is now being sought, include Guido Michelotti, head of Eni program in Kazakhstan between 2006 and 2008), Umberto Carrara, former Managing Director of Agip KCO, as well as three Israeli citizens , and Massimo Guidotti, then agent Bateman.

For all 25 prosecutors asked that the proceedings be prepared for “the groundlessness of the news of crime since the elelementi acquired in the preliminary investigation does not appear suitable to support the accusation in court.”