“High” Relatives In KazMunaiGas, Or Why Do Sauat Mynbayev Have So Many Vice Presidents

"High" Relatives In Kazmunaigas, Or Why Do Sauat Mynbayev Have So Many Vice Presidents

It seems that the national company “KazMunaiGas” is transformed into a kind of “bench” for retired officials and the starting ground for the children and relatives of former and current high-ranking employees. The national holding a friendly team working ex-Minister Serik Abdenov, brother and son Kasymbek Minister Rashid Tusupbekov. In order to ensure the smooth operation of KMG under the banner of capitalist labor he was drafted already 31 vice president.

Why in EP inflated managerial staff?

National Company “KazMunaiGas” (KMG) for several months insists on transformation. For this reduced number of structural units, as part of ordinary employees left without work. Back in August EP Board of Directors approved a new organizational structure in which there is no post of first deputy chairman of the board. Worked in this position Christopher Simon Hopkinson left that post, as well as chair chairman daughter “KazMunaiGas” – JSC “KazMunaiGas Exploration-production” at the end of September. According to the press service of the national company, became the reason for leaving the family circumstances. And it seems that the replacement will not look for him.

According to the edition, the updated organizational structure – the new management staff of the total number of 31 units. In addition to the company’s president (chairman of the board – approx. IA of Total . Kz ) there are: Deputy Chairman, three executive vice-president, eleven senior vice presidents, eight vice-presidents, six managing directors.

From the official response to a request, it follows that after the elimination of child sub-holdings and entering their administrative and managerial staff of the central NC apparatus, and after the transfer of administrative functions in the management of “KazTransOil” JSC reduction of administrative personnel (APM) for the group of companies should would occur at 15-20%. However, the “number” of the central office is still increased. Logically ornate response to the press service is the number of executive, senior and a vice-president takes place. At the same amount of expenditure as at 31 manager is not voiced by mentioning that “the wages of managers have not changed – despite the fact that the APM as a whole will be reduced.” Such are mutually exclusive statements.

Majilis deputy Aikyn Konurov considers control of the national oil company ineffective.

“I believe that all the” KazMunaiGas “problems associated with very poor management – management of the company in a bad way. Inflating the administrative staff in a crisis – it is wrong. I think in the EP must draw certain conclusions: financial performance – worse and worse, the return to the state – less and less. “Samruk-Kazyna” should also draw conclusions. However, the “Samruk-Kazyna” and “KazMunaiGas” – a very closed company. They do not like to share information, even with the government and the parliament “, – says the kennel.

At present, the Board of Directors of “KazMunaiGas” are working as independent directors of the three foreign nationals. There is also the managing director – a citizen of Malaysia.

According to the information available to the editors, among the 31 top manager “KazMunaiGas” – many well-known Kazakhstan, as well as their talented family. Vice-president of human resources “KazMunaiGas” JSC working notorious Serik Abdenov – former Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, as well as the favorite character of Internet memes.

Position Managing Director of JSC “KazMunaiGas” takes Janat Tusupbekov son Rashid Tusupbekov – former Attorney General of the Republic. The son of the former vice-minister of education Takira Balykbaeva – Kairat Balykbaev – sitting in the chair of Vice President of Information Technology. But the brother of the current Minister for Investment and Development Zhenis Kasymbek and the son of the chief of the presidential office of Mahmoud Bazarkulovicha Kasymbekova – Ardak Kasymbek – became Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer.

Deputy Aikyn Konurov believes that a person with a good salary, shall be liable to the company, its employees and, accordingly, to the founders.

“But the bottom line only problem. Negative financial results of KMG, Kashagan problems, problems with the «Rompetrol», the problem with the presence of Kazakh petrol, diesel fuel and jet fuel. The company’s management must take and leave, if there is any honor from the people “, – said kennel.

According to the people’s choice in the EP must provide public information about salaries and bonuses to top management.

“The first leaders have to say: ‘yes, we are ready to co-share the burdens of the crisis and reduce the salary fund and the bonus fund or opt out of bonuses”. I understand that foreign consultants leave. But, judging by the results of the EP, is a small loss, “- said kennel.

At whose expense the banquet?

Ongoing restructuring and transformation of the “KazMunaiGas” and its subsidiaries, according to Majilisman communist, only lead to a reduction of ordinary workers.

“The so-called” fat years “the company tried to somehow evolve, to keep market share, or even increase. But in the crisis years, they are trying to reduce their costs by the common people. At the expense of those who work in the workplace. I fear that such actions will cause serious social problems in the regions. People understand that the work that they will lose, will be shifted in the form of additional burden on the rest. It will increase the working day will be processed. Seeing as “zhiruet ‘parent company, people simply become embittered. I think the regional akimat, where there are groups of companies “KazMunaiGas” should appeal to the government, presidential administration, parliament, to reason with fans sequestration by workers grassroots structures “, – said Aikyn kennel.

Recall , earlier in the meeting, the head of government “KazMunaiGas” National Company Sauat Mynbayev has assured that reduction of employees in the near future will not be. According to him, in spite of the many loss-making oil service companies, people are given the job.