The Ministry Of Sex And Demography Proposed To Be Established In Kazakhstan

The Ministry Of Sex And Demography Proposed To Be Established In Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan it was proposed to create a new Agency that will be responsible for the sex and the demographics of the country. Such a proposal to the Kazakh Prime Minister asked the Union of Muslims of Kazakhstan (SMK) and the Muslim Committee for human rights in Central Asia (CA IACHR). About this Kazakh Internet edition «NUR.KZ» according to the press-center of the Union of Muslims of Kazakhstan.

The formation of such agencies will increase in fertility and decline in sexual crime, believe in these organizations.

In the letter proposing the creation of such a Ministry, the Muslim leaders expressed their concerns about the current situation in the country, which they have posed a threat. Refers to the fact that sexual violence is subjected to not only adults but also children. The authors of the letter noted the fact that the growth of pedophilia, which, in their opinion, has become rampant.

In organizations «QMS» and «the IACHR CA» confident that the establishment of the new Agency will help to develop methods for the management of public lust, and contribute to finding new ways to increase the birth rate in the country.

Kazakhstan also proposed to introduce the technical regulation of EurAsEC «About safety of toys» rule that they should be required to undergo psychological and pedagogical examination.

As reports Radio Freedom, if it turns out that they «provoke aggressive action,» «cause violence», «associated with immorality and violence» or cause «an unhealthy interest to sexual problems,» their sale is prohibited.

If the regulation is adopted, all the toys, which will be imported into the territory of the countries-participants of the EurAsEC will be able to act only «in accordance with the criteria of psychological and pedagogical safety.»

Under the ban can get toys: provoking game stories «associated with immorality and violence», causing «unhealthy interest to sexual problems», the ones that provoke the «scornful or negative attitude to racial features, and physical shortcomings of people.»

Until November 30, the draft amendments to the technical regulation on safety of children’s toys will pass the procedure of public discussion. If it is adopted, each country (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) will need to amend national legislation.