British Lawmakers To Deal With Property Owners From Kazakhstan

Prince Andrew's Dealings With Kazakh Oligarch Timur Kulibayev

Last week, the British Parliament introduced a bill “On financial crime.” It would seem, it can’t touch Kazakhstan. But in case it will affect the foreign “investors”, it becomes very interesting to many of our fellow citizens – and for those who hesitate to invest their capital in the motherland, and those who like to be considered “other people’s money.” However, they can be very own – that is, folk, different ways derived from the treasury and exported abroad, Radio Azattyq reported.

Even more intrigue introduces the concept of the bill “inexplicable origin of wealth”. Due to it the house somewhere in Wimbledon County purchased by not clear way can be simply confiscate. It goes without doubt that soon the bill will pass through both houses of Parliament and take shape in the form of the existing strict in English law.

It should be noted that this entire story of “financial crime” did not start yesterday or even the day before. The indigenous people of the United Kingdom capital long time complain that the super rich come in large numbers from all over the world and buying real estate in the center of the city, turning it into a “laundry” money laundering. Big money. Particularly outraged “traditional elite”, stating that the scope of such a kind of gentrification have grown too, and that made indigenous Londoners move to other, less prestigious areas of the city.

Last summer, an international non-governmental organization Global Witness (GW) has published an extensive report, the central part of which was the statement that the famous “House of Sherlock Holmes’ Baker Street belongs to the “unknown Kazakh “. And not only this house, but also many others in this and other fashionable areas of London, including branded stores Beatles and Elvis Presley. In general, social activists counted elite square feet to nearly 150 million pounds (prices July 2015).

Soon, ex-prime minister David Cameron, speaking at an anti-corruption conference in Singapore, brought this case as an example and said that Britain will do its utmost to combat money laundering in the country, which has the right to know the names of national relics buyers. In May this year a similar forum was held in the very London. Determination of the authorities in this matter was fixed again: property owners will not be able to hide behind companies (mainly offshore) and will be required to open their modest names. The initiators believe that among them will be a lot of government officials and oligarchs underground from third world countries.

In July this year Daily Mail reported, that Prince Andrew acted as a fixer for a Kazakh billionaire in a secret deal to buy property from the Queen’s estate – just as the controversial oligarch was agreeing to pay £3 million over the asking price for Andrew’s marital home.

Sunninghill Park in Berkshire was sold to the oligarch for £15m in 2007, weeks after emails revealed he was ‘desperate’ to buy property near Kensington Palace.

Prince Andrew acted as a ‘fixer’ for Kazakh billionaire Timur Kulibayev to help him buy property from the Queen’s estate, and sold him Sunninghill Park for his mistress Goga Ashkenazi.

Labour MP Mr Bryant highlighted Andrew’s links with Kulibayev, and his father-in-law Nazarbayev, who has been president of Kazakhstan since 1990.

Nazarbayev was credited with 98 per cent of the vote at the most recent election, but no election in the country since independence has met international standards.

‘It seems as if Andrew’s been acting as a kind of broker, which isn’t normally done for free, and which would seem a wholly inappropriate use of the letters HRH,’ said Mr Bryant.

‘It’s quite wrong for a member of the Royal Family to act as some kind of estate agent for Kazakh billionaires who are trying to buy up Crown Estate property in London, which seems to be what’s happening here.

Mr Farron added: ‘The Prince’s office needs to come clean on what happened. His office should not be lobbying in this way. It looks very fishy.

‘While we have a housing crisis we should be helping London families in need to get a home to call their own and not just helping rich business contacts. That is unacceptable.’


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