Belgium, Angola To Partake In Astana EXPO 2017

Belgium, Angola To Partake In Astana EXPO 2017

Angola has signed EXPO-2017 participant contract. The Astana EXPO-2017 NC CEO Akhmetzhan Yessimov met with the commissioner of the Angolan section Albina Assis Africano and briefed her on the organization work for the exhibition themed Future Energy and its content.

Angola has chosen a sub-theme Energy for All, believing that the implementation of this direction will help in the fight against poverty and contribute to the establishment of a sort of a bridge to the economic and social development of the country, Africano said.

Commissioner of the International specialized exhibition EXPO 2017 Rapil Zhoshybayev met with Executive President of CMI Energy Pierre Melin and commissioner of CMI Group section at the exhibition Andrey Kashechkin at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan on Monday.

“During the meeting Mr. Melin handed over the official letter to Rapil Zhoshybayev confirming participation of the Belgian company in the EXPO event and introduced Andrey Kashechkin as the commissioner of CMI Group section. Belgium will be represented by CMI Group and a number of large Belgian companies in the sphere of green technologies at the exhibition,” Kazinform has learnt from the Secretariat of the Commissioner of the EXPO 2017.

In conclusion, Mr. Zhoshybayev noted that EXPO 2017 will be a good platform for the development of commercial and economic relations between the two countries, cooperation in the sphere of alternative energy and will contribute greatly to the success of the exhibition.