Astana Airport Concluded Transactions With Multiple Violations On Billion KZT

Kazakhstan: Astana Airport Named After Nazarbayev

Results of the test object on the part of the management company – TOO Airport Management Group.

The Working Group examined the activities of the airport to identify areas where it is necessary to strengthen the work. But in the end the commission has revealed violations in the 50 contracts in the amount of 1.37 billion tenge, which is not complied with the rules of public procurement, reported the newspaper “Time” .

As clarified by the Working Group AMG, the administration of the airport to procure the necessary funds with violations within two years.

For example, the airport took a certain amount of medical gloves, and he put the appropriate lot. But in the end gloves bought almost twice cheaper. Similar examples are met with plumbing, aviation oil, printing of corporate brochures, body armor and detergent.

Leaders of the air harbor, the newspaper “Time”, obtain goods and services at prices inflated by tens of times, ignoring the procedures for procurement, purchasing items they need from a single source. By law, the procedure is allowed only if the bids are not recognized as valid.

Sometimes the management company still intervene if carried out unscrupulous procurement, and suspended a big deal. For example, in February 2016, the airport informed the AMG, which plans to buy jet fuel in the amount of 875 million tenge in LLP “KazMunayGayz Aero”. However, the management company has found another supplier – TOO “Flaykom”. The same amount of kerosene was bought for 735 million, the savings amounted to 140 million tenge.

The audit materials previously published on his Facebook page economic commentator Denis Krivosheev. He showed it in public documents was admitted to a number of administrative errors. According to him, the damage caused by violations is inconclusive, so no one but the court will not be able to qualify the act as a crime. At the same time, being a state structure, violation – an occasion for a deep and thorough investigation.

At the end of 2016 the airport suffered heavy losses, while the top managers of the air harbor subscribed to one another reputable award. Dimensions bonuses amounted to 50% of salary. Thus, the heads regularly received between 500 and 700 thousand tenge in the form of bonuses. This leadership is further rely incentive allowances and additional payments for the geographical remoteness of the object, despite the fact that each of them has a personal driver and company vehicles.

Award ordinary employees and was discharged at a rate of 37 thousand tenge each. At the same time, from September to August 2015 it was produced 40% reduction in staff.

Further investigation revealed violations will be engaged in law enforcement agencies, who need to find out whether there is criminal intent in the actions of the airport staff.

Airport Management Group – a structural unit, created to provide control of eight state airports in Kazakhstan.