Kazakhstan to debut at Eurovision 2017?

Kazakhstan to debut at Eurovision 2017

So this is one of the more “out there” stories floating around social media as this one crops up almost every year, however this year could actually be the year that we see Kazakhstan debut at Eurovision.

The Khabar Agency, one of the largest national broadcasters in Kazakhstan has been granted associate EBU membership status, similar to the current status enjoyed by Australian TV broadcaster SBS.

This was approved on 1st January 2016, after years of speculation and online trolling about the broadcaster participating in the contest. The approval date left the deadline for participation in the 2016 edition of the contest out of the question, however it’s a sort-of grey area as to whether the door is open for the country to participate at the contest in 2017.

Kazakh media outlets and fans have been throwing around rumours of potential artists for Eurovision 2017 for months now, including Dimash Kudaibergen, Zhanar Dugalova (Turkvision 2014), and A-Studio. However there has been no word from the EBU or the broadcaster themselves about participation in the contest; the door remains wide open on this one.

Kazakhstan to debut at Eurovision 2017

Zhanar Dugalova (Turkvision 2014)


Message to Dimash Kudaibergen