Main dissimilarity of Kazakhstan from other OSCE chairmen – pragmatism: V.Nauduzas


Yelena Ilinskaya

Main dissimilarity of Kazakhstan from other OSCE chairmen - pragmatism: V.Nauduzas“It will unlikely be easier for Lithuania to chair the OSCE after Kazakhstan, since Kazakhstan has already raised the bar highly enough”, Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-office Vytautas Nauduzas has said today at the briefing devoted to opening of international conference “Role of logistics on the way Asia-Europe”.

According to him, Kazakhstan became the first Central Asian country – OSCE chairman – the biggest regional organization on security, uniting 56 states of Europe, North America and Asia. “Obviously, this is an acknowledgement of your particular results, your stability, tolerance and your results, first of all, in the economic development by the world community. As you know, last year Kazakhstan’s gross domestic product amounted to USD 100 bln. We are impressed by your ability to accumulate such big sums of foreign investments”, V.Nauduzas said noting that the main difference of Kazakhstan from other OSCE chairmen is its pragmatism.

According to him, Lithuania will be the next OSCE chair and continue the policy of Kazakhstan. However, new tasks on the issues of energy and transport security will certainly appear.