It Has Become Dangerous To Live And Work In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: Campaigners Appeal to Nazarbayev Over Journalist’s Case

The case of Seitkazy Matayev, head of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, has demonstrated that it has become dangerous to live and work in Kazakhstan, said Sergey Akimov, politologist.

“With the level of the critical perception of this case in certain circles we see that indignation of the most advanced part of the society is growing. Each of them thought that it has become dangerous to live in the state, to do business and public work. It is an important message which will provoke deterioration of the situation including in the economy- in terms of outflow of funds and population emigration,” he said in the interview to

In his words, the system gave a clear message with the harsh punishment to Seitkazy and Aset Matayev: if one asks to give away the business- give it away.

“We don’t know if Matayev said the truth or not in the final speech about the order. But if we imagine the situation: if now Nurlan Nigmatulin hints about something- a person will give away anything and will not ask anything in exchange,” he said.

He believes the verdict in respect of the head of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan and director general of KazTAG news agency will expand the borders of self-censorship in mass media, the level of pliantness of chief editors will increase in the independent mass media.

As it was reported, in his final speech S.Matayev voiced the names of initiators of the criminal prosecution. Among them he named B. Nigmatulin, speaker of Majilis. According to S.Matayev, N. Nigmatulin repeatedly asked him to give away KazTAG news agency in exchange for closing of the criminal case.