Impossible To Get Official Information About The Fate Of Gulnara Karimova

Wall Street Journal: Gulnara Karimova Questioned By Swiss Prosecutors

Billionaire ‘princess’ daughter of former Uzbek president who has not been seen in public for TWO years is ‘locked up in mental institute by her father’s successor’.

  • Gulnara Karimova, 44, was once the wealthiest woman in the former USSR
  • Harvard educated, she rubbed shoulders with celebrities, models, singers and even had a number one pop hit
  • She was seen as her father’s natural successor until the pair fell out in 2014 over a semi-naked photo shoot
  • The billionaire socialite said to have been locked up by Uzbekistan’s new president Shavkat Mirziyoev
  • Heiress is subject of money laundering probes in both US and Switzerland

October 4, the social networks are widely spread to the letter, the author of which is presumed to be the eldest daughter of the late president of Uzbekistan Gulnara Karimova. Author of the letter, which asks for forgiveness from his mother and complained that continue to live on can not, at the same time expresses its opinion on persons who, after the death of Islam Karimov took power in the country today.

The letter, circulated in social networks, the author of which is presumed to Gulnara Karimova:

“The nine circles of hell last for more than three years … How long? An infinitely long time … too much pain … The pain is pouring from everywhere overflowed in me, choking … choking all the time … I think I wiped down, barely breathingthen formally alive … Nothing compares with the frustration of that you believe in good, pray, ask, and it does not happen … and not see beyond the horizon. Everywhere the same thing again … the night, the darkness again … grieve on the bench … I’m with her pedigree, sometimes hunting bench said: “Come with me a friend, in the dark house, the one I’m afraid.” Girlfriend sadly silent … as if nodding lets you know that tomorrow will see her again in the same place … Again morning, again grief, the pain again … Sun … no one … Any thoughts about one. .. How’s my daughter? What to do today? … Is she crying? … Unbearable … Everything has an end, it is for end, lingering end, followed by a further end, and more … and more … All the more afraid of death. .. my kids when I am gone, please, enjoy life? Please do not think of me with pity and sadness. Smile :) living together time was happiness … Memories … for them to live and not give up !!!

All will take place, and this too must pass, do not give up, be patient … I repeat myself again and again. These expressions have become tablets for complacency … But they do not help … You’re just belief … Often, when there is no power, talk to God … I ask and ask, “When all this is over evil”

There is a moment when a man forces himself to move beyond fear and the risk seems to be so I decided to write.

I write sitting on that same bench, and at the same time I think … … endless stream of thoughts from his mind is cloudy …

Why I suffer and pour out the blood? The answer is in the darkness, where there is still darkness, and her terrifying darkness … and behind it yet another infinite darkness … … I have become accustomed to the blood vein cut … Hunting …

New son?

“Adults love numbers,” – once remarked Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. My favorite book of the Father. How long will the bank numbers to settle down for “samoprozvannogo” son of my Father? Father never said that he had two sons. New name Shavkat ??? But why did he Miromonovich ?! Son neatly stepped over the constitution and spat on the will of the Father (NY)? Uzbek Beria was revived in his son? The pattern ?! There will be so that the son of the father is not responding, or rather, he did not respond.

The watchman of the crown …

Lame wait for the finish. Rejuvenated by happiness … now he does not bully the curtains, when talking to the exiled enemies. All those who are persecuted have become a common family. Salim tea pouring honey … Sharif takes … Nothing personal it’s just business …

Mother? I hope my mother.

I never thought that violence is able to impose a ban on seal bid farewell to the Father. Never in the head could not come and dream that [possible] to lock his own daughter and did not say goodbye to the Father, [and that it] would be self-gratification for so-called native people. I want to scream? But why? Who hears?Again declare enemy of the people? .. Or maybe shattered bones? Slowly kill? Where slower? Where? .. “The answer did not come, and it can not? And there was?Questions crammed into the brain … every minute … to make mistakes? How many?Punishment? All of us are not without sin … repented long ago, asked for forgiveness … … prayed again requested … You ask, and at the other end, like a tennis racket, sharply discourage, the request comes back, turning into trash.

Sorry Mom … I can no longer … I’ll Iman …

Gulnara Karimova “

This letter, whose author can not be determined, once again shows the great interest of the public the fate of Gulnara Karimova, which until 2013 was considered as the “Uzbek princess,” and the main “successor” Islam Karimov.

Where is Gulnara Karimova? What’s her legal status in Uzbekistan – it is concluded or the accused? In what crime she is accused of, and what punishment she was appointed? Why is the public still have not been given official information about the fate of the eldest daughter of the first president of Uzbekistan, the rumor of which spread around the world?

Guest column «OzodNazar» ( «Independent View”) a journalist and political activist, Muhammad Jahangir expressed his opinion on these issues.

“Ozodlik”: You know, on 4 October the eldest daughter of the late president of Uzbekistan Gulnara Karimova, once again became the focus of controversy, which are conducted on the social networks. For the public it was made public a letter, allegedly written by the hands of Gulnara Karimova. This letter was published on the websites of some opposition newspapers, in particular, on the site , ” the People’s Movement of Uzbekistan. Have you seen this letter?

Muhammad Jahangir: I saw this letter in Facebook’e and a link on another website.But I had doubts when I saw the letter.

“Ozodlik”: Did you have doubts that it is a letter written by Gulnara Karimova?

Muhammad Jahangir: In only a short text can be laid out Twitter is impossible to put such a long letter. So I immediately opened his page in Twitter ‘e. This letter on the page itself Gulnara Karimova was not. But there is an account opened in the name of some of Gulnara (her name written soft sign), and laid out the first part of the text of this letter. When I read this letter, I have yet another question – what is the purpose of Gulnara Karimova? The style of writing letters is very similar to the style of Gulnara. Either she wrote it all, or someone has written a letter, using her style.

“Ozodlik”: Mr. Muhammad, I also saw this letter. It is written very poetic. Is Gulnara wrote the previous letter in this style?

Jahangir Muhammad: Yes, her previous letters were written in the same style. Once, after the arrival of the Kokand she wrote the same letter in a romantic style. But I still doubt that the last letter written by the most Gulnara Karimova. Because, given the rumors that it is in the difficult conditions under house arrest, in Uzbekistan it simply does not make it impossible to connect to the Internet. But if she had been given such an opportunity, then there are some goals that she wrote this letter. For example, it might be asked, saying: “Write a letter to the forgiveness of the mother, then we will solve your problems.” Then she could say, “Well, give me access to the Internet, and I ask for forgiveness from the mother.” But these assumptions seem questionable, given the negative about Mirzijaeva referred to in this letter.

“Ozodlik”: Tell me, what is known today about the fate of the public Gulnara Karimova? Various rumors have intensified even more after the death of Islam Karimov. Someone says that Gulnara under house arrest, someone else said that she was taken to Riga, and according to others, it is treated in Israel. Even rumors that Gulnara is placed in a psychiatric clinic. What is known today about the public its legal status, where it is located and in what conditions?

Jahangir Muhammad: The public is known only rumors. One of these rumors, I heard about it before Karimov’s death, his father allegedly took Gulnara, and that it will take part in the celebration of Independence Day. According to rumors, the wife was dissatisfied with Karimov and that this has led to a big scandal in the late president’s family. I mean, I heard that Karimov has forgiven his eldest daughter. But we have seen that at the funeral of Gulnara Karimova was not visible. This showed that the family of the first president of Uzbekistan, there are large and serious problem. I believe that Gulnara really is under house arrest. According to the last letter, she sits possible in some house. If this letter was not written by Gulnara, perhaps it was done by people who want to put Shavkat Mirzijaeva (Prime Minister and Acting President of Uzbekistan – Ed. ) In a bad light, are against it.

“Ozodlik”: Then who and why had this letter?

Muhammad Jahangir: You know, over the past 25 years is we have become a kind of tradition, that is, if you want to put in Uzbekistan someone in a bad light, then the Internet about this person publish various materials denigrating it. In this way, much solved. There are so many examples of this. Now concerning Mirzijaeva people divided into two camps. The first group places great hopes on him, the second group believes that he will be president worse than Karimov. This letter may be the handiwork of people because of this second group of people. Because today many believe that this letter could write Gulnara Karimova, as it was not at his funeral.Therefore, this letter could be of great interest. The letter on the eve of the presidential election may adversely affect the image of Mirzijaeva, and some people might take advantage of. Keep in mind that today in Uzbekistan do not want all the officials came to power Shavkat Mirzijaeva, not all of it to your liking. Among them there are also those who think that Mirzijaev became president, their destroy. In addition, there are those who want to quarrel with Mirzijaeva National Security Service (NSS) and the General Prosecutor’s Office. If you remember, these letters were published denigrating and against the Attorney General against the officials of the National Security Council, which led to a big scandal. Therefore, the last letter, written ostensibly by Gulnara Karimova, may be similar to another game.

“Ozodlik”: Mr. Muhammad, when things have Gulnara Karimova were very good when it was considered a diva, had a great impact on the business in the country, she had a considerable team of supporters, ranging from well-known artists and up to the Muftis. Figuratively speaking, it was a whole army that went close to Gulnara and exhibited it as taking care of people princess. Perhaps now we can assume that is why today these people are silent, or on the contrary, act already against the most Gulnara. But in the current situation it is now, whether the right of the public to ask the current government on the fate of the eldest daughter of the first president of Uzbekistan, on the fate of the woman who owned at the time of an entire business empire? Who exactly is to come up with such a question? After all, the presumption of innocence should apply even Gulnara Karimova. We do not see that it was judged that proved her fault in some crime, we have not seen any court judgment. Even if it and judged it was some kind of secret court, the verdict is not made public.Therefore, who should ask the current government about what is happening today with Gulnara Karimova?

Muhammad Jahangir: Based on our mentality, we have no such that someone defended beaten or accused of something human. On the contrary, such a person may be more stumbles. Based on this, read a letter allegedly written by Gulnara Karimova, I thought that perhaps this is not an organized its supporters, and those who hated it.

“Ozodlik”: Why?

Jahangir Muhammad: For example, Mirzijaeva team could say wife late Karimov: “Tatiana Akbarovna moving to such a place and live here with someone from their children.” Perhaps people Mirzijaeva also wanted to give some freedom and most Gulnara. But we should not forget that there are people who are afraid of such a situation. That is, people who are afraid of revenge of Gulnara Karimova, could organize such a letter. Otherwise, the letter would not be negative about Mirzijaeva. I think that by publishing this letter on the Internet, some people want to make the inveterate enemies of Gulnara Karimova and Shavkat Mirzijaeva. It’s like Denying the lying.

As you said, every person has the right, regardless of who he is. Rights are even murderers. If he is guilty, then the case should be examined in court. I want to deal Gulnara Karimova was considered in court. The court must make a decision, which must be shown to the people. The people should know the fate of Gulnara Karimova, the fate of its billion, about the fate of companies that have cooperated with it. The government must clarify these issues.

“Ozodlik”: Dec 4, as you know, presidential elections in Uzbekistan. Do you believe that a man who came to power after the elections, presumably, it can be Shavkat Mirzijaev openly and conclusively solve this issue? Do you believe that the government will give the public information about the fate of Karimova, about what it is charged?

Jahangir Mohammed: My guess is that this could happen, but not immediately after the election, and satel 2-3 months after. I even think that the government will give some relief Gulnara Karimova. But now I come to the conclusion that after 2,3 or 4 months after the presidential elections, “Karimov rollover tree” may begin with Gulnara Karimova. They can start after the elections a loud trial in connection with the recent scandalous events associated with Karimova and her billions abroad. In addition, all this can illuminate and the local media, if, of course, the health of Gulnara Karimova will be all right, and if nothing happens to her. But I believe that this issue will be clarified. It’s only a matter of time.

“Ozodlik”: Thank you for the interview.

Interviewed by a journalist “Ozodlik” (Uzbek edition of Radio “Liberty”) Zamira Eshanova.