Why Kazakhstan Is At The Bedside Of French Giant Atom Areva

Areva Gets Capital Funding Boost, New Investors

The rescue of French nuclear giant is accurate. We could see happen in Kazakhstan white knight.

Areva, public company needs several billion euros to recapitalize after huge losses. They come from buying too expensive of a uranium mine (it was the former management) and considerable additional costs of the construction of the EPR , which is still not developed. Kazakhs themselves have uranium mines, fuel reactors. mines where Areva has generally invested. Kazakhstan is also the largest producer of uranium. So there are links.

Why Kazakhstan Is At The Bedside Of ArevaThe Kazakhs would put several hundred million euros with the Chinese, themselves customers of Areva for their large nuclear program, and perhaps Japanese. For Kazakhstan, this is a diversification interesting. It is a public investor from a country that is one of the former Soviet republics. It became independent when the USSR broke out in 1991. It is headed by President Nazarbayev since. The good people of Kazakhstan also had the spirit of the recently renewed for a fifth term with 97% of votes. The Soviets left, but a number of their political traditions were maintained.