Kazakhstan: People Evacuated in Almaty Airport

Almaty International Airport Delays Five Flights – Summary For January 4-5, 2017

The Almaty International Airport has released a statement regarding the urgent evacuation of the building earlier this morning.

According to the airport’s press service, a passenger of the Almaty – Tbilisi flight operated by Air Astana company was stopped by the airport security. The airport security officers allegedly found a small container with mercury in his luggage during the passenger inspection.

“When told the suspicious container will be taken out of his bag, the passenger trashed the container without warning. As a result, the mercury spilled from the container. The airport authorities, the Almaty police and emergency department were notified of the incident immediately,” the press service said in a statement.

The passengers and airport workers were promptly evacuated from the building. Emergency crews eliminated the effects of the mercury spill.

The press service added: “Six flights were delayed due to the emergency situation. Right now the airport is back to normal operation. An investigation has been launched.”

Earlier it was reported that, according to witnesses, the Almaty International Airport was evacuated due to mercury spill.