Almaty Airport Is An Airport Of Disappointments And Hopes

Almaty Airport Is An Airport Of Disappointments And Hopes

President of JSC Almaty International Airport Aibol Bekmukhambetov

Oh how the president of the Almaty airport Aibol Bekmukhambetov businessmen gave a demonstration “cooking debriefing”.

Management of JSC “Almaty International Airport”, together with the deputy akim of Turksib district Aigul Akhmetova second week continue to beg business “turn to face the passengers”, but they strive hard to turn to him the other part of the body.

“Three, I do see here for business Perhaps the most disciplined gathered today.” – Jokes vice president of Security JSC “IBA” Alibek Mazhikenov which Aibol Bekmukhambetov went to meet his stead journalists and businessmen.

“The main thing today -. This, of course, taxes, truth, and the creation of jobs is also an important thing,” – the beginning of his speech the deputy akim of Turksib district Aigul Akhmetov. According to her, the regional akimat “no claim has to Almaty airport, and that’s entrepreneurs would not prevent at least a little to be closer to the needs and demands of the passengers.”
“Our Almaty airport – face not only of Turksib district, but the whole of the republic”, – continued Aigul Akhmetov. – You (businessmen -. Ed. ) It is necessary to keep pace with the times, to the airport and to our city.”

All calls AIBOLIT Bekmuhambetov owners of retail outlets located in the Almaty airport, it seems, do not pay absolutely no attention. Perhaps because in his time, they bought the former akim of Almaty Victor Khrapunov these shopping areas and now has the right to swing right?..

After finishing the introductory part, Aigul Akhmetov asked all those present with a proposal to ask pointed questions. First raised his hand a representative of the Department of Consumer Protection: “The airport is not respected the timing of product, there is no storage conditions … Cakes and fruit on the shelves are close by, that is strictly forbidden Cake – confection, which is particularly dangerous products to poison the population. . And in the toilets, I’m sorry, too, sometimes it’s dirty. ”

After these words, the journalists turned their gaze to the Vice-President of JSC “Almaty International Airport” Alibek Mazhikenova hoping to hear from him what measures manual air harbor takes malicious violators of order and cleanliness.

“Production activity Almaty International Airport, primarily associated with ground operations This is a meeting of planes, maintenance of their fuel, the registration of … All other functions -.. Of entrepreneurship This is purely a commercial matter over which should answer respected entrepreneurs” – calmly says Alibek Mazhikenov.

He was immediately supported by businessmen, arguing that now conditions for business at the airport made magnificent.

“The airport creates all conditions for us They are quite comfortable rental is also adequate, – taking the floor businessman Meruert Abubakirova – you go, look up:… That is my 500 tenge – up there, worth 1300 tenge there. the difference? .. I also assume the price, which at the top. I can not put something cheaper for them it will also be a loss. There is a lot of foreigners, and they all say that our prices in Europe. ”

About sandwiches with mold, except journalists, no one remembered
Prosecutors Nikolay Ten tried to direct the dialogue in a particular direction, but the vice-president of JSC “Almaty International Airport” Safety announced the completion of the event and asked everyone to leave the room.

As a result, journalists as one of the officials said nothing about the measures taken to improve service at the airport. Prices here for tea, coffee, samsa and buns are still sky-high. Deputy akim of Almaty Yuriy Ilin also trying to bring here at least some kind of order, but not everything in the harbor, apparently so easy to “managing human resources.”