Who is the Owner of Joint-Stock Company Almaty International Airport?

Almaty International Airport Delays Five Flights – Summary For January 4-5, 2017

Company Overview

Joint-Stock Company Almaty International Airport operates an airport under the Almaty International Airport name in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The company was formerly known as OJSC Almaty Airport. Joint-Stock Company Almaty International Airport was founded in 1935 and is based in Almaty, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2, B. Mailin Street
Almaty,  050039
Founded in 1935

Who is the owner?

The most demanded in Kazakhstan international transportation terminal has a conspiratorial ownership structure: Air Harbor is 100% owned by Venus Airport Investment BV. “The International Airport of Almaty” JSC is owned by Venus Airport Investments B.V., a company registered in Amsterdam.

It is knows a bit about the company , more precisely – only that it is an investment company owned by Meridian Capital. According to its analytical review of Forbes Kazakhstan magazine, none of the media have not managed to find out who is behind Venus Airport Investment BV, although of the same name to this day JSC is KASE by the issuer.

“Offshore” mother “is still extremely popular in all high-margin areas of Kazakhstan’s economy and even own strategic objects”, – says the publication.

Key Executives For Joint-Stock Company Almaty International Airport

Mr. Aibol Anuarovich Bekmukhambetov, President and Director
Bakhtiyer Kadyrov, Vice President of Finance
Ms. E. L. Eliseeva, Acting Chief of Economics and Financial Analysis Department
Akzholtayev Murat Serikovich, Head of Automatic Systems – Terminal Service
Nurimanov Sagdat Yerikbekovich, Head of the First-Aid Post

International Airport of Almaty announced the appointment of Anvar Saydenov as the member of the Board of Directors, the independent director of the Company, for a term of one year. Diyar Kanashev as the member of the Board of Directors for a term of one year. Aybola Bekmukhambetov, as the member of the Board of Directors of the company for a term of one year.

JSC Almaty International Airport Announces Consolidated Earnings Results for the Six Months Ended June 2016

JSC Almaty International Airport announced consolidated earnings results for the six months ended June 2016. For the period, the company earned a net profit of KZT 2.585 billion (KZT 338.51/$1), or an increase of 9.2% year-on-year. In the reporting period, the company’s revenue rose 16.1% to KZT 22,337 billion, cost price of provided up 17.1% to KZT 17.661 billion, gross profit up 12.2% to KZT 4.676 billion, pre-tax profit up 3.4% to KZT 3.311 billion while operating profit dropped 9.2% to KZT 3.044 billion.

International airport of Almaty JSC (ARAL) on KASE

Shareholder Common shares Preferred
Total shares
number shareholding number shareholding
VENUS AIRPORT INVESTMENTS B.V (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 78,414 100.00 78,414 100.00

Financial performance

Indicator As of 07/01/16 As of 04/01/16
Authorized capital 78,414.00 th. KZT 78,414.00 th. KZT
Equity capital 58,772,466.00 th. KZT 47,583,298.00 th. KZT
Total assets 67,487,372.00 th. KZT 58,497,266.00 th. KZT
Sales volume 22,337,257.00 th. KZT 10,829,959.00 th. KZT
Gross revenue 4,676,200.00 th. KZT 2,332,130.00 th. KZT
Net income 2,584,631.00 th. KZT 1,738,986.00 th. KZT
Book value of common share 745,210.00 KZT 602,000.00 KZT
ROA 3.83% 2.97%
ROE 4.40% 3.65%
ROS 20.93% 21.53%