KazTransGas Increased Capacity Of Kazakhstan-China Gas Pipeline

KazTransGas Increased Capacity Of Kazakhstan-China Gas PipelineToday, on September 30, start of two new compressor stations of Kazakhstan-China trunk gas pipeline took place.

The official ceremony of commissioning of compressor stations No. 4 and 8 of a “C” thread of a trunk gas pipeline of Kazakhstan-China took place in a festive atmosphere.

Work of these objects will allow to increase handling capacity of a “C” thread to 20 billion cubic meters of gas a year. Gross performance of all three threads “A”, “B” and “C” will reach 55 billion cubic meters a year after completion of a construction of all compressor stations which represent modern, high-technology the equipment on gas transportation.

New compressor stations are equipped with the innovative equipment for a gas-transport system of RK from the leading global manufacturers of the gas-turbine and compressor equipment of the Rolls-Royce and General Electric companies.

The established gas-distributing aggregates are executed by the special order of JSC Kaztransgas and have no analogs in other countries. The innovative equipment, and also a complex of auxiliary systems, will be able to provide safe and technologically uninterrupted gas transportation during the entire period of operation of a trunk gas pipeline.

Besides, in case of development of aggregates also the ecological component is considered, compressor stations are equipped with system of suppression of dry emissions which provides the minimum emission of hazardous substances in the atmosphere.

About 27 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the gaseous state and petroleum gas was produced in July. This is 0.5% less than in the same period in 2015. Of this amount, 11.96 billion cubic meters came from natural gas in a gaseous state (4.5% less yoy), 14.7 billion cubic meters extracted from the associated petroleum gas (3% more). Marketable gas production in the reporting period amounted to 7.2 billion cubic meters, which is by 3.8% more compared to January-July 2015.