Kazakhstan: Mortgage Holders To Block The Main Street Of Almaty

Kazakhstan: Mortgage Holders To Block The Main Street AlmatyThe activists of the NGO “Provide housing for the people!” once again staged a protest action in Almaty.

In the morning activists “Provide housing for the people!” We gathered at ATF Bank’s central office. They came up with the requirements of the inclusion of credits of a few people in the program of refinancing mortgage loans. According to PA Chairman Assistant “Provide housing for the people!” Jeanne Sadykova, ATF-Bank official sent a letter to the borrowers, in which he said that ran out of money for refinancing under the state program at the financial institution. This angered came to share mortgage holders.

“ATF-Bank breaks the state program to refinance. Our borrowers are coming, asking to help them refinance. The Bank offers to socially vulnerable layers of the population to refinance at 3%, no more aid can not render. Again, everything goes back to normal, people can not . they have to pay for credit at the moment want to pay in crisis as much as may be why, once the state helps, they fall under the loan refinancing program under 1% of Thus they demand respect for their rights “, -.. Jeanne said Sadykov.

Guide ATF-Bank encourages its borrowers to discuss their problems. During the talks they have come to a common decision: the Bank’s customers, who fall under the program loan refinance interest rate at 1% and will provide an alternative repayment schedule of 5 years.

“We have achieved what they wanted. They wrote a statement to refinance under 1%. There will be seen, see what happens. As long as we are happy. I would like to write off 50%, but there is such a program. In 2008, I took a mortgage at 17.5% 70 thousand dollars, bought an apartment. Until 2014 I paid 72 thousand dollars, but the entire amount allegedly went to the commission, and I have the primary duty again was 70 thousand dollars. What took, then left. Now I translate into tenge at . rate of 188 tenge, at 1% and 5 years alternative schedule I wrote that I could pay 20 thousand tenge Because I -. a disabled person, and I have a pension of 26 thousand tenge “, – reported on the meeting of the borrower ATF-Bank Anatoliy Kim.

The ATF-Bank said that none of the borrower, who took part in the action, do not come to them. According to a board member of the ATP-Bank Eldos Zhumabaeva, sending a letter, which said mortgage holders have been to the bank’s customers have come quickly refinanced.

“As for these 10 borrowers of the bank, from which were selected by application and by the authorized body of the bank will be decided. ATF-Bank for the past two years, holds weekly meetings with borrowers, which is always constructive. ATF Bank is the leader of one of the the first banks mastered the public money that has been issued to help mortgage borrowers All this was within the law, we tried to cover as many borrowers to spend a lot less time to produce the refinancing “, -. he said.

Eldos Zhumabaev promised that all borrowers that fall under the program will be refinanced. Currently, ATF-Bank fully mastered 9.5 billion tenge, which the state has issued to implement the program. In total, the bank has received 2800 applications from customers in 1908 approved applications worth more than 13 billion tenge in 1560 refinanced loans for socially vulnerable layers of the population.

“All borrowers who fall under the program will also be refinanced, because now the National Bank considered the changes in the government program, where all the second-tier banks will be allowed to proceed with the refinancing, the banks that have already mastered their money, even from redeemable funds. Therefore, we have in the bank is now created alternate, all claims are considered borrowers All of them will be refinanced we are now on schedule for about 150 borrowers, today reached 10-13 more people, “-.. Eldos Zhumabaev added.
The next item was the action ipotechnikov Investment Astana Group office (formerly JSC “BTA Mortgage”). At the entrance to the building the protesters unfurled their posters.

The picket lasted for long. The police asked them to roll up banners, because their action was not sanctioned.

All this time, mortgage holders was guarded by the police.

While the action was held at the business center of the mortgage holders went to negotiate with the Investment Astana Group management. But the chairman of the NGO “Provide housing for the people!” Sulubike Zhaksylykova left dissatisfied.

“They were forbidden to refinance loans that are on the balance of the bank. While last year we have made, they have made the changes again in September, closed loans they can not refinance. Here they are not at fault. This should again appeal to the National Bank. According to socially vulnerable population, they were told that because they do not have a license, they do not make money, they can not under 1%. This is again a question for the National bank, in an alternative plan for 5 years for large loans “BTA Mortgage” yes. Why are we we offer 5 years because of the time people will restore their business, their business, even find a good job, and for that we offer a great alternative schedule “, – reported on the negotiations Sulubike Zhaksylykova.

The Acting President Investment Astana Group Azhar Temirbekova reported that mortgage holders could come to a compromise. The company has learned the names of their borrowers from among the protesters. Now they will collect for each dossier, and the next meeting will have to seek a way out of this situation.

“Refinancing we do. It’s delayed because we are waiting for changes in the program, to which we have joined in fact, only 12 of July. Other borrowers we have fully refinanced. We have limitations, do not need to compare us with other banks. We do not have a license . If a loan has closed, the company has no right to grant a new loan We are in a job with the National Bank, how to solve problems with such borrowers “, -. Temirbekova Azhar explained.
Sulubike Zhaksylykova led to a protesters in the National Bank. Already in finregulyatora building she demanded a meeting with the Director of the Department of Consumer Protection Financial Services Alexander Terentiev.

“If he does not come to us, we will block the crosswalk on Abylaikhan not open until he comes”, – she threatened to call on the service employees of the National Bank.
Aleksandr Terentyev after 10 minutes to vyshёl ipotechnikam and invited them to a meeting on Wednesday, which will discuss the problem with the loans Investment Astana Group.

“We have the most work on the program, we have 18 thousand people have helped. I am willing to help someone who really wants to get under the program to go with him to the end. In accordance with the memorandum, all borrowers, which would violate public order, I support personally will “, – he said Sulubike Zhaksylykova.

Ipotechnikam representative agreed with the proposal of the National Bank and had gone home.

In conversation with the correspondent of Alexander Terentiev infromburo.kz he explained that the money received from the repayment of loans refinanced under the program will be used to revise the loan to other borrowers.

“We are the first stage of the program hope that will cover 25 thousand borrowers, and taking into account the revolving nature we will cover more than 40 thousand, especially in view of the high development of ATF-Bank and Forte Bank this program, they thank you for it. It’s two banks, which are cash mastered, that is, they have included all the borrowers that they were directly in the program for the first and second priority. the statements of these borrowers, who at the moment fall into the program are accepted, but the order of the will on the basis of the amounts that will be come from the return of the first loans granted, “- explains Alexander Terentyev.
According to him, the financial regulator began checking the other banks that have received funds at the refinancing program.

“We went to check the banks, those not sufficiently mastered the funds. As a result of this test, we give the conclusion, and will be a redistribution of funds. And those banks that program mastered, will be allocated additional funds are to be returned by other banks participating in the program “, – said Alexander Terentyev.

Statements ipotechnikov head to protect the rights of consumers of financial services the Committee considers provocative because Sulubike Zhaksylykova herself attended all meetings of the working groups, to discuss all the problems.

“These actions are, I believe, are provocative, it is illegal today. Because a year ago, these same citizens, the same leader participated in the development of state programs, attended all the meetings of the working groups. All of those new changes that we make in the program were approved with them So, when someone starts to speak, he did not know and was not, it is sheer lie only on Friday, along with the head (with Sulubike Zhaksylykova -… Ed. ) held a meeting with the leaders of public associations who said that there is a question about “BTA Mortgage”. We chose from among the heads of public organizations, which will be headed by a working group. The first meeting of the working group will be held on Wednesday on “BTA Mortgage” and “AiF-Mortgage”. Because that a large amount of property was seized and stored on their balance sheets “, – said Alexander Terentyev.

The problem with loans Investment Astana Group lies in the fact that the company had its license revoked, respectively, have no right to issue new loans. Therefore, the National Bank of Kazakhstan has developed changes to the program.

“The changes allow for the borrowers whose property is seized and is on the balance of financial institutions, in fact restore people this housing issue is very complex:. How to evaluate this property, there are several evaluation options, the amount of which was recorded at the date of issuance of the loan, according to the market value of the object . today, according to the book value of the object of such a lot of questions that we are ready to open and together with them we solve every day I do not know, than again dissatisfied with the head, when we on Friday only agreed to this Why deduce people, people trying to fool the head -.. I this, frankly, do not understand, “- said Alexander Terentyev.

Aleksandr Terentyev said that in September, the Ministry of National Economy will provide layed decision to liberate individuals from paying personal income tax in the case of their participation in the program of refinancing loans.

“We are experiencing discomfort, that we can not all the people to help. Because there are conditions of the program, there are other circumstances (legal, financial), which we can not overcome. We have a desire to help a lot of people. Look at what is happening in neighboring countries . How many people are being evicted our second year there evictions in the country The state represented by the National Bank or other financial institutions trying to take action! “-. said Alexander Terentyev.
April 15, 2015 the National Bank of Kazakhstan Board of Directors approved the program of refinancing of mortgage loans in the country. According to this document, the decision of problem loans will be allocated 130 billion tenge.

In April 2016 members of the NGO “Provide housing for the people!” demanded a personal meeting with the head of Internal Affairs of Almaty. They demanded explanations about zavedёnnyh them criminal cases .

February 2, 2016 ipotechnikam marched to the main office of Halyk Bank through the city. Dissatisfied with the borrowers, this time armed with pots, pans, spoons, whistles , hand-made hats that read “$ O $” and placards calling for help to akim of Almaty.

January 12, 2016, they brought the coffin and pants for a meeting with the bankers. Mortgage holders came to the head office of ATF-Bank prepared in advance: styrofoam coffin built, pre-painted it in black color .