Online conference of the Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan

Online conference of the Chairman of the National Bank of KazakhstanSeptember 20, 2016, at 11: 00 am will be held an online conference of the Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Daniyar Akishev on portal

Your questions You can send to the following email address: and or post on the official pages of NBK in Facebook( and or Instagram( under the post about the online conference.

During the question of collecting a large number of letters received from students of economic faculties: a professional activity, state of the economy and the personal. All these messages of the students, we have decided to allocate a separate unit:

1. Daniyar Talgatovich, I am a student of the 4th year. This year all of us to be writing a thesis. Tell me, please, what you have been the topic of the thesis and why did you choose it?

2. Our teachers often talk about their students who got a job in the National Bank. I would also like to work after the end of the National Bank of Kazakhstan. Please tell me how often you declare the contest and when the next recruitment? I’ll wait for an answer.

3. I have a personal question: do you like to travel? Which countries you have not visited, but really want to see? Thanks for the answer!

4. Dear Daniyar Talgatovich, would you like your children to follow in your footsteps? What profession would you recommend them to choose?

5. All a child dreamed of becoming astronauts, doctors, teachers. What did you want to become a child?

6. Now, many ministers, mayors, civil servants are actively developing social networks. And you have your accounts in social networks? If yes, how often do you come online?

7. I believe that now the majority of Kazakhstanis pay cards for their purchases. Do you think that in the near future there will eliminate the need for cash?

8. I want to enter public service, but do not know how I’m going to work with restrictions on the internet and gadgets. Do you think the restriction of civil servants in the use of gadgets in working hours is the right decision?

9. In early September, there was a trend where many famous people have started to publish on social networks your school pictures and talk about their first teachers. Do you remember your first teacher?

10. What is the favorite thing you had in school?

11. I saw the photos on social networks with the bike ride of the National Bank of Kazakhstan.Please tell me you love sports? What sports do you most interested in?

12. In one article I read that the director of one school never took a job standouts, because I thought that only come from troechnikov good professionals. What do you think? Please tell me if there was a choice, you have to work troechnika or honors? Sincerely, Excellent Sergent))

13. What advice would you give a simple student to become successful and build a career?

14. How often do you read or watch the news? This is mainly financial news?

15. It is said to be successful, you need to read biographies of famous people. Tell me, please, what the person inspire you? Whose biography would you would love to read or have read?

16. How do you spend your weekend? What does it mean to have a good holiday?

17. Please name your favorite movies? What genres do you like most?

18. They say that true friends – those with whom we are friends since childhood, that in adult life is no longer meet friends. Do you agree with that?

19. Do you believe in intuition? Do people listen to your intuition when it comes to work?

20. I noticed that not only abroad, but also we give birth to the house exotic animals? What do you think about it?

21. Question from a student of UIB, Faculty of Journalism, Balhina Dinmukhamed. Dear Daniyar Akishev, I would like to ask you a couple of questions:

What would you do if you were in their current position five years ago, in 2011? What would you change, knowing further events until now in 2016?

And the second question: what action by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan would like to see you if you do not have his head today? And who would you like to be still in the profession? What would you advise to the growing generation, in what sphere do you recommend to your children?

Thanks in advance for your response! Hopefully the answers to these questions many people are interested in!

22. Question from a student UIB University. Daniyar Akishev, what are your plans for the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan? What to expect people of Kazakhstan? What are your plans for 2017? Catherine.

23. of UIB student, Department of Journalism, Tokusheva Dilnara. Dear Daniyar Akishev, I’m interested in the following questions:

– Where and in what amount spent Kazakhstan pension contributions?

– How, in your opinion, can encourage young people to ensure that they sought to make “white” wages, not in envelopes?

– At present, voluntary pension contributions are not popular in Kazakhstan, what is the reason?

– Does the National Bank hot line on issues of information security. Where and to whom you can call for advice to banks of the second level?

24. What do you think you need to bring in the younger generation? How do you see the future of Kazakhstan on a world scale?

Olga Nyashina

25. How do I get a start on your funding?

Where can I sign up to participate in your project and what it needs?


26. Hello. Question from UIB student. Do you agree with the fact that Kazakhstan – economically developed country?

27. Hello! Question from UIB student. Tell us about the longest day of your life? Ksenia.

28. Welcome Daniyar Talgatovich. I am a student of the UIB. Faculty of Journalism.

– What is your life motto?

– Do you like your job?

– “One day with Daniyar Akishev” – could you give a student one day in the bank? Share and share experiences?

Novoselov Natalia.

29. Dear Daniyar Akishev! Question student UIB- Tursymbay Aidana. In the country of the variability of the rate of tenge appeared a lot of speculators. What is your opinion on this?

30. Good afternoon, Daniyar Talgatovich Akishev! I study in Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi and I have a question for you. What books are worth reading for finance those who are far from the financial sector. I want to understand the finances and understand how you can multiply your money is not to spend too much, maybe it’s even in the psychology of money. I grew up in a poor family, but would like to study after providing their parents understand. What one salary does not stretch for a long time. I do not want to speculate too. Thank you for your valuable advice!

31. Daniyar Talgatovich, please tell me, do you consider yourself a strict parent?

32. I am a student of the Conservatory named after Kurmangazy and our graduates often enter the civil service. Do you think creative people is easy to become a public servant?

33. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Anna R.

34. What qualities of character do you most value in your friends? And the staff?) Dimas.

35. Daniyar Talgatovich which three negative traits you consider unforgivable for the National Bank? Olga, 2nd year, the future psychologist.

36. Honestly, the National Bank does not move to Astana?)) Ramazan (Almaty).

37. Does the National Bank of students and young professionals? If you got a union or unions for young people? I’ll wait for an answer. Thank you in advance! Karina

38. How often do National Bank employees go abroad to study, for example, under the program “Bolashak”? If you have within the organization any additional program for employees who want to learn? And one more question. What do you think about it? Is it easy to release staff for training or internship? smile Alibek, 4th year student.

39. Instead, I decided to finish the graduate MBA. This year I am completing training in Almaty. I want you to do an internship or practice with subsequent employment. Is that possible? How is the process of practice and employment?

40. Daniyar Talgatovich whether you can get a job in the National Bank without competition? If possible, please tell me, what are the requirements to such candidates?

41. In June this year I graduated from graduate school. Diploma with high JPA. I would like to work for you. Tell me, please, in the fall will be a set of employees? Without experience you take? Alia (Almaty).

42. I am the elder of flow rate 1 Economic University. We want a large group to come to the Museum of the National Bank. How to get to you? Are excursions organized?

43. My name is Allen. I am a designer. Tell me, please, whether branded products of the National Bank, and where it can be seen? You yourself claim the final design? Thank you in advance!

44. Daniyar Talgatovich I as a student in “Management” interested in your opinion about the overtime. If an employee is constantly working late (this is not an exceptional case in connection with important events, and continuously) – a sign of diligence and zeal, or likely cause of the wrong distribution of their working time? Waiting for your reply. Thank you so much! Diaz

45. Please, answer my question! Do you have clothes or shoes produced in Kazakhstan? Thank you!!!! (Alim – the future designer)

46. Where do you prefer to relax – in Kazakhstan or abroad? Talgat, 3 year

47. Daniyar Talgatovich, want to go on a trip to the National Bank, to get acquainted with the work of the institution, with the staff. Is it possible to organize “Open Day” for students specialties “Finances”, “Economy and Business”, “Management”, etc.? Thank you in advance for your response!

48. You collect commemorative coins issued by the National Bank? If “yes”, what interesting coins (optional Kazakhstan) do you have? Almas-numismatist.

49. Please tell me whether there is any National Bank of applications for mobile phones? What services and information can be obtained?

50. How often do you give interviews and participate in press conferences? What topics are most interesting interview for you?

51 . The question of the first-year student of journalism, UIB, Masalit Yasmin.

– Daniyar Talgatovich, you have an incredibly vertiginous career, you started it at a very young age, could you give the top 5 tips for youth in Kazakhstan?

– If you had the chance, what would you like to say to yourself, 18-year-old?

– At one time, you acted as assistant to the President, that you have taken for yourself from this valuable experience?

52. Dear Daniyar Talgatovich, Welcome to the 3rd year student of the specialty “Finance” of the Kazakh-German University Butkeev Ivan. As a member of the Astana Economic Forum, namely Spring Astana Economic School, I attended a lecture Jesús Felipe, Advisor of the Asian Development Bank. He noted that the main problem of Kazakhstan’s economy is its lack of diversification. According to his study, Kazakhstan produces 40 major categories of goods, while the rapidly developing countries (Singapore, South Korea) produce more than 200. My question is this: how can the National Bank can contribute to more intense diversification of Kazakhstan’s economy?