General Wesley Clark Was Prime Minister Victor Ponta Both The Consultant And The KazMunaiGas

General Wesley Clark Was Prime Minister Victor Ponta Both The Consultant And The KazMunaiGasAnca Alexandrescu, former head of the communication problems in Ponta government (and communication adviser of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase), was appointed in June, director PR in KazMunaiGas Rompetrol.

American general in Wesley Clark was at the same time consultant Honorary Victor Ponta, and the company KazMunaiGas, during the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between the Romanian and Kazakh company, according to government sources.

Memorandum involved creating an investment fund jointly a billion dollars and the sale of state a package of 26.6% of the share capital of Rompetrol Rafinare Constanta.

Asked a few months ago BURSA if General Wesley Clark was consultant KazMunaiGas, directly or indirectly, during the conversion into shares of Rompetrol debt to the Romanian state during post-conversion during MoU, Mr. Azamat Zhangulov, senior vice president KMG International, told us: “we get a lot of advice from people we trust, in order to understand key issues.

It is important to listen to views on certain issues and see how we can use these opinions. General Wesley Clark is best known at the end of his military career. Now dealing with business, helping different companies. You may notice that the board is in many companies. It is an active person in this area and has extensive experience. And we have enjoyed his advice and continue to do it because it has some very good ideas about how to manage their businesses, how should be structured. It is a very good opportunity for us to come to benefit from his experience, which is useful for the proper development of the company. ”

In July of this year, prosecutors wrote that DNA amounted documents concerning the Memorandum of Understanding between the State and KazMunaiGas, on debt Rompetrol Rafinare (RRC). Euractiv specify that the file should be opened in 2015, when prosecutors began criminal proceedings in rem for influence peddling and bribery, the case is investigated and former Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

One of the most virulent critics of the memorandum with Rompetrol was Traian Basescu, who has often made reference to a possible criminal record for Victor Ponta, because of this agreement, accusing the prime minister that he wants to “steal hand Parliament 400m dollars. ”

In November 2014, Catalin Predoiu, the first deputy PDL accuses Victor Ponta that he took bribes Memorandum Rompetrol. at a press conference, Predoiu asked if the chief government negotiated in Dubai bribes KazMunaiGas signing of the Memorandum of debts and whether the alleged negotiations attended by people outside government. “I’d ask myself Victor Ponta few things: I wonder if he signed himself Memorandum of government debt KazMunaiGas. I wonder if negotiated in Dubai bribes to KazMunaiGas. I wonder if the negotiations for bribes attended outsiders government, “said Catalin Predoiu said on

At the request of a journalist to be more specific, Predoiu said that” every question is based on the information. ”

Referring to allegations made by politicians in public, on the memorandum with Romanian State, Azamat Zhangulov, senior vice president of KMG International, said in May: “I assure you that KMG International has a strict policy and we can not imagine to be accused of such acts”.

In a interview “BURSA”, late last year in New York, General Wesley Clark said that Prime Minister Victor Ponta invited to be honorary adviser, to assist it in informal economic development. “We gave our best endeavors in recent years, but it was difficult,” he told us American General, adding that the harder it seemed that faced political struggle in Romania, between parties and centers of power, which slows decision-making process. “Many people are afraid of being investigated and charged. Also, legislative changes to comply with EU standards were difficult and confusing for some,” said Wesley Clark.

In May 2016 DIOCT have seized 3 billion lei the assets and shares of “KazMunaiGas International NV” (formerly the Rompetrol Group NV), “Oilfield Exploration Business Solutions” (formerly “Rompetrol”) and “Rompetrol Rafinare” in a new folder “Rompetrol”, disjoint because sent trial in 2006, where he was tried Dinu Patriciu, along with other people.

Asked then if the investigation prosecutors could be extended to the memorandum, Azamat Zhangulov, senior vice president of KMG International, said: “If we talk of possibility it exists. ”

But he said that ministers were all changed and nobody has fueled suspicion agreement made with the Government.

According to Euractiv, prosecutors considered suspicious frequent visits of Ponta in Turkey, after signing the Memorandum with KazMunaiGas, and that the former premier used during these visits, a phone card to call Turkish private; the same source indicates that DNA investigation seeks to establish whether the terms of the Memorandum were negotiated abroad.

Interestingly Anca Alexandrescu, former head of the communication problems in Ponta government and communication adviser of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, was translated in June, as director of PR in KMG Rompetrol.

Another key figure that binds Victor Ponta of KMG is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who in 2013, back when Ponta government end the controversial agreement between the Romanian state and state company Kazakh KazMunaiGas was consultant for Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan.

Tony Blair returned last week in the local press when DNA prosecutors have accused Ponta of corruption after he received undue benefits to support him Sebastian Ghita to run elections in 2012.

Ponta is accused of influence peddling and abetting the crime of money laundering.

Prosecutors say the money offered in exchange for Joel candidacy would have been used to organize the visit of Tony Blair in Romania in 2012. Then, former British Prime Minister lectured in Bucharest and in the event held an introductory speech and PSD then, Victor Ponta.

The conference was organized by Foundation Multimedia Local Democracy, led by two counselors PSD and subsequently’s Victor Ponta.

Relations between Tony Blair and Romanian politicians dating back to 2001, when the press wrote that Tony Blair had intervened to Adrian Nastase, then prime minister of Romania, in favor of Mittal Steel to buy Sidex.

Nastase denied later, stating that the choice Mittal made objectively offer the only serious.

Tony Blair said he discussed Sidex, because Lakshmi Mittal he is a friend.

The press wrote that in 2003, Adrian Nastase went to London to discuss with Blair visas and visit apparently was sponsored by Mittal Steel.

British journalists attacked Blair between 2003 and 2010 intermittently on the subject.