Ponta file / Joel / Blair is only a fragment of Mega-file KazMunaiGaz

BOMB: Ponta file-Blair-Ghita is only a fragment of Mega-file KazMunaiGasWell-informed sources say that the security environment in Ploiesti file torque infamous Ponta / Ghita is only a fragment of a file more complex aimed at business KazMunaiGas. About this matter and involving former Prime Minister of Romania Victor Ponta Viorel, clues and details emerged nearly three months ago. DIOCT were made at hearings in another part of this file, write comisarul.ro

Before Ponta, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu has changed its negotiating team with KazMunaiGas, after Blair’s visit in Romania. After meeting in Bucharest with former British prime minister, then prime minister, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu, Foreign Ministry appointed to lead instead of the Interior Ministry, negotiations for the recovery Rompetrol reveals Mircea Marian in EVZ .

A strange coincidence makes immediately after Tony Blair’s visit to Bucharest on 26 March 2012, the government led by Mihai Razvan Ungureanu to take a major decision in the negotiations between the Romanian state owned company Rompetrol, KazMunaiGas (KMG).

Moreover, Blair met that day and Ungureanu, at Victoria Palace.

MAE removes DIPI

A day after Blair’s visit on March 27, Ungureanu government spokesman Dan Suciu, announced the “relaunch” of negotiations with KMG group for the recovery of claims in Rompetrol state.

“The prime minister decided to relaunch the negotiation process for the recovery Rompetrol, by replacing the ministerial committee conducting this endeavor. Interministerial group leadership now rests Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was assigned ambassador with special assignments, Mihnea Constantinescu, “said Suciu. Until that time, negotiations between the Romanian state and KMG had been worn by the Information Ministry of Interior (DIPI).

“The negotiations that we, the Interior Ministry, we have had, things were different. The negotiations resulted in blood, and the result is much, much more than has been achieved now, “he said in 2013, former Interior Minister Traian Igas in a interview for thought. info.

He avoided to recognize that negotiations were led by DIPI but acknowledged this veiled.

Mihnea Constantinescu ubiquitous

“The memorandum was generated by a finding that my attention a minister Lucian Bode, that the negotiating team failed to perform, had no tangible result. It’s no ordinary as a team negotiating a bilateral relationship to be patronized by the Ministry of Interior. The practice is that international negotiations are under the sole or combined patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nefăcându- step is virtually no bargaining with the old team, got all over again, “he explained in 2013, for the thought. info, former Prime Minister Ungureanu.

Chief negotiator elected Prime Minister Ungureanu, Mihnea Constantinescu, was a close friend of Petre Roman – both graduated from Polytechnic – before becoming a diplomat and has held various positions in the government, including chief of staff to former premier Tariceanu. On 8 July 2016, the government appointed Constantinescu Ciolos’ special assignments coordinator on energy security. ”

Mihnea Constantinescu, former director of cabinet of Prime Minister Adrian Nastase (PSD) and Calin Popescu Tariceanu (PNL) of Prime Minister Victor Ponta was appointed to the post of state counselor.

Mihnea Constantinescu will conduct its work in the apparatus of the Prime Minister, informed on 29 May 2012, mediafax.ro.

In 2004, he was seconded from the Foreign Ministry at Victoria Palace, the functions of chief of staff and diplomatic adviser to Prime Minister Nastase, who had occupied until the end of that year, he returned to the Foreign Ministry.

Soon, however, Constantinescu was appointed adviser of State in the Chancellery of Prime Minister Tariceanu in March 2005, being dismissed in December 2008.

And in that case, Mihnea Constantinescu was posted at Victoria Palace, it preserving its status as a diplomat.

In March 2012, Tony Blair’s company already had consulting contracts with Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Tony Blair gave Kazakhstan’s autocratic president advice on how to manage his image after the slaughter of unarmed civilians protesting against his regime.

In a letter to Nursultan Nazarbayev, obtained by The Telegraph, Mr Blair told the Kazakh president that the deaths of 14 protesters “tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress” his country had made.

Mr Blair, who is paid millions of pounds a year to give advice to Mr Nazarbayev, goes on to suggest key passages to insert into a speech the president was giving at the University of Cambridge, to defend the action.

Mr Blair is paid through his private consultancy, Tony Blair Associates (TBA), which he set up after leaving Downing Street in 2007. TBA is understood to deploy a number of consultants in key ministries in Kazakhstan.

On December 16 and 17 2011, at least 14 protesters were shot and killed and another 64 wounded by Kazakhstan’s security services in the oil town of Zhanaozen. Other protesters, mainly striking oil workers, were rounded up and allegedly tortured.

Mr Blair had begun working for Mr Nazarbayev in November 2011, just a few weeks before the massacre.


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