How Many Overpaid Kazakh Businessmen Because Of The Kremlin’s Sanctions Against Kiev?

How Many Overpaid Kazakh Businessmen Because Of The Kremlin's Sanctions Against Kiev?The NPP “Atameken” share calculations.

Kazakh businessmen, whose goods are in transit through the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, are additional costs “in the range of 2900 to 4500 US dollars per vehicle,” NPP “Atameken” said.

Recall that in December last year, Russian authorities have suspended the Agreement on free trade zone with Ukraine. Since the beginning of this year’s products, following from the territory of Ukraine, included in the sanctions list of products. Then the Russian president signed a decree has introduced a special procedure for the import of goods from Ukraine to Kazakhstan via Russia. As a result of the Russian-Ukrainian and Russian-Belarusian border in July “stuck” about 50-60 cars and 150 cars.

In an alternative route through the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea as there are barriers to transport, identified KazATO (Union of International Road Carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan -. Ed. ) And Natspalatoy. “The main barriers – is to increase the distance of the route of delivery, vehicle downtime waiting for loading onto ferries, adverse weather conditions affecting the timely dispatch ferries”, – said NPP.

How to fix the situation?

The NPP believe in the development of the Trans-Caspian route. “JSC” NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” together with the port and the railway organizations of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine in the framework created by the Coordinating Committee for the development of the Trans-Caspian international transport route, is working to create a “flexible” in tariffs, which should be fully affect the attractiveness of this route, and therefore the cost, “- believe in Natspalate.

In addition, representatives of the business community “formed and sent to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan a list of industrial products group, which consists of 650 headings, on the basis of the existing contracts between the companies of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.” These goods are imported as standard equipment required for our own production in Kazakhstan, and in July a decree of the Russian president allows transit through the Russian Federation in the case of treatment of our government. But so far no concrete results. In Natspalate on this occasion expressed cautious optimism: “In our opinion, the coordinated work of the authorized bodies of the states – members of the EAEC with the direct participation of business can provide certain benefits in resolving this situation.”

Note that an alternative route is actively used since November last year, when the entire flow of Turkish goods, next to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, with a refocused on the trans-Caspian trans-direction. This was a result of the Russian sanctions, but against Turkey.

Recall that the Russian trade sanctions against Ukraine struck not only by the cost of delivery of the Kazakh cargo, but also on their final price. According to the Secretary General KazATO Theodor Kaplan, the final cost of these products increased by an average of 70 m.