Save In Gold, Says Kazakhstan National Bank

Save In Gold, Says Kazakhstan National BankThe National Bank offers Kazakhstanis to invest in gold to save their earnings, chief banker of the country Daniyar Akishev said at the Government’s enlarged meeting on Friday.

“We would like to offer the population to buy gold which can become an alternative to foreign currency. The National Bank will ensure liquidity of the market to enable the people to buy and sell gold when they want,” Akishev noted.

According to him, the National Bank plans to popularize fine gold bullions along with gold and silver coins.

Kazakhstan’s gold and currency reserves make $95.6bln, according to Chairman of the National Bank Daniyar Akishev.

“The gold and currency reserves of Kazakhstan in August 2016 comprised $30.8bln that is 10% or $2.8bln higher than in January. Currency assets of the National Fund rose to $64.9bln and their level remains stable. The country’s total amount of reserves makes $95.6bln,” Akishev said at the Government’s extended meeting in Astana today.