Almaty Airport Loses $1 Million Per Month

Cargo traffic air port fell 22%

Almaty Airport Loses $1 Million Per MonthThis year, cargo traffic at the airport of Almaty fell 22%, said vice president of development and economy of JSC “Almaty International Airport” Serik Muhtybaev.

“This (reduction in traffic -. Ed .) Due to the fall in business activity. This process is observed worldwide. For example, a unit of KLM – cargo airline Martin Air – all rolled their activities in Southeast Asia, the Middle East. They have focused on flights to South America and South Africa “, – said Serik Muhtybaev.

However, and without falling cargo airport is already losing money on a regular basis. When in August 2015 the country switched to a floating exchange rate, tariffs for services remained airports in tenge. “Thus, foreign companies have actually received a discount of 50%”. According to Serik Muhtybaeva, representatives of the airport officially appealed to Minnatsekonomiki to support the proposal for the adjustment of the tariffs in the foreign carriers, but this did not happen.

“While, for example, in Russia in order to protect domestic carriers are set separate tariffs and ICAO Document 9082, when an unstable economic situation allowed to set fees in a currency other than national, which would compensate for the loss airports. In the end, only the Almaty Airport due to exchange rate difference is losing $ 1 million a month “, – said Serik Muhtybaev.

However, despite these losses, the net proceeds of JSC “Almaty International Airport”, according to the KASE, amounted to 2.584 billion tenge in January-June 2016. Last year during the same period the company earned 2.366 billion, ie 218 million less than it is now.


Be that as it may, the question of the reconstruction of the terminal , which is set in the Committee of Civil Aviation, the airport is “frozen.” “Of course, now the need for additional space for the terminal to improve the quality of passenger service there, but it all depends on the lack of physical space. Out in the optimization of all processes of aircraft maintenance and arriving / departing passengers. It is, in fact, allows you to maximize the capabilities of the terminal, “- said Serik Muhtybaev.

However, for the Universiade-2017, according to Akim Bauyrzhan Baibek, Almaty will be visited at least another 30 thousand people – participants and spectators. Serik Muhtybaev considers that the airport is ready for it. “At peak loads the airport to 500 thousand. Passengers per month (summer months), taking into account the time of the Universiade (January-February) and the expected passenger traffic to 300 thousand. Passengers, there is a sufficient reserve for the quality of passenger service. To optimize the production processes at the airport in May 2016 began to operate “Cobra” systems. It is possible to reduce the time aircraft maintenance and optimum use of labor and production capacity of the airport. A similar system was used during the Olympic Games in Sochi airport, “- said Serik Muhtybaev.

Recall that Almaty Airport is private. 100% owned by the Dutch company Venus Airport Investment BV

For reference:

The expected volume of passenger traffic in 2016 to 4.5-5 million people per year, 150 sorties / day. Peak load of the airport -… 577 thousand passengers per month, minimum 309 thousand passengers, according to data for 2016 In February 2017 the reserve 268 000 passengers (the expected number of participants and guests of the Universiade (60 000) is also equipped with an additional hall at the airport with 10 checkpoints for border service.