Kazakhstan Expects About $ 250mn From GCF

Kazakhstan Expects About $ 250mn From GCFKazakhstan expects to receive from $ 100 to $ 250mn from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for the development of green technologies in Kazakhstan’s single-industry towns.

The Vice-Minister of Energy Gani Sadibekov announced this sum during the workshop “Strengthening of Kazakhstan’s cooperation with the Green Climate Fund”, organized by the UNDP in our country.

Gani Sadibekov also named priorities of the future partnership with the GCF, namely attracting investments to address the problems of adaptation to climate change, management of risks against adverse impacts and natural hazards, technology transfer for the development of clean energy and improvement of the ecological situation in the country. We see the GCF as one of the main international partners in it, he added.

In August of this year Kazakhstan signed the Paris agreement in the frames of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change that provides measures to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 2020. National commitments are 15% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as conditional target and 25% from the 1990 baseline as an absolute target.