Kazakhstan Plans To Triple Oil Supplies To China

Kazakhstan Plans To Triple Oil Supplies To ChinaKazakhstan has good prospects for increasing oil exports to China. Arrangements for supply to China Kazakh wheat, pulses and meat have already been achieved.

Kazakhstan can increase the supply of oil to China from 7 to 20 million tons for the first time will be exported to China Kazakhstani food products

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev visited China to attend the G-20 summit. Speaking at a briefing on the results of the visit, the President noted that the possibility of delivery of Kazakh oil will increase in connection with the commissioning of the largest Kashagan.

“Now we are supplying to China about 7 million tons of oil, this figure can be increased to 20 million tons, and increase the supply of gas from Kazakhstan to China All of this raises a new level of trade turnover between our countries.”, – The press service quoted speech Nazarbayev at a briefing. The president said that for the first time agreed to supply China wheat, other types of cereals, legumes and oilseeds, as well as meat and poultry, which was not previously in Kazakhstan. “Thus, we open the way for our agricultural producers I think this is very good news, however, the Chinese side has very strict requirements on the quality of goods and phytosanitary Our farmers should be prepared for it…”, – Said Nazarbayev. He also said that Astana and Beijing reached an agreement on all aspects of previous agreements, in particular on the construction in Kazakhstan modern joint ventures.

“The list includes 51 objects, of which two have already been built, the construction of four facilities totaling $ 2.5 billion will be completed this year. In total, over five years the company plans to build a total value of $ 26 billion. In addition, to support the these projects are joint Kazakh-Chinese funds both between companies and between countries, for example, the Foundation for the development of the Silk Road “-. said the head of state.

Nazarbayev said that in the near future is expected to visit Kazakhstan Chairman of the State Council Li Keqiang. During the talks it is planned to further discuss the issues that the two countries “should be solved by joint efforts”, concluded the President.