Economic Commentator: Air Astana Runs Out Of Fuel

Economic Commentator: Air Astana Runs Out Of FuelFamous Kazakh blogger and economic commentator Denis Krivosheev outraged demands from the Air Astana Company to issue fuel on preferential terms, as well as the closure of the company and others. On his page Facebook, he said that AirAstana run out of fuel. In order not to stop departures from Almaty, the company launched a commercial fuel refueling at the airport.

According to experts, it is not clear compensation for the difference between cost of the ticket price will be if implemented. We are waiting for an official statement of the dominant carrier.

“According to reports, at the Air Astana fuel warehouses in Almaty remained for half a day. Daily consumption of 330 tons, 160 tons in stock. It is important to note that the fuel “national carrier” buys himself. It is known that he was referring to the airport with a request to take in fuel duty, the latter refused, due to the fact that such an operation is contrary to the law. Buying fuel at commercial price the company is not going though the proposal is sufficient. In the course are administrative levers and blackmail “, – he wrote in SE Denis Krivosheev.

According to Krivosheev, the company promised to stop the carriage if they do not put the subsidized fuel Shymkent by 140-150 thousand tenge per ton, while the sales price 230 thousand. six months. “In the meantime, Russian contractors refuse to supply fuel until further notice. Kazakhstan also temporarily stopped producing air kerasina, for operational needs.

Not saying that the company stop flights as threatened at the meeting of the CAC and the Ministry of Energy, but also to diversify the costs will not be, and therefore the cost of flights may still increase.

The company remains the most closed. He refuses to reveal the body of tariffs, to explain the pricing policy. In fact, Monster includes a fleet of aliens, 19 vice-presidents, and the general staff of 4000 people.+

It is necessary to initiate a state audit, parliamentary hearings to understand what is happening in AirAstana. What we are in the carrier, which operates the entire country. Why, more than a decade, there is practically no aircraft of its own, and those that there are, in Finleasing. By the way, and on it a lot of questions.

Meanwhile, Uzbekistan Airways bought into the ownership of the Boeing 787 dreamliner, with it, not one, and the first flight will be carried out in Almaty in the coming week “, – the expert wrote in the post.

Then he quotes a letter from AA, in which they demand from the government to solve their problems with the fuel and complain that the Ministry of Energy did not wish to delay the production of diesel fuel needed for cleaning, and began providing them with kerosene. This silent, why they did not want Russia to sell fuel.