USA expects implementation of OSCE projects on strengthening Afghan borders with CA by Kazakhstan


Dimash Syzdykov

USA expects implementation of OSCE projects on strengthening Afghan borders with CA by KazakhstanThe USA looks forward to Kazakhstan’s activity in implementation of the OSCE projects on strengthening the borders of Afghanistan with the CA countries and curbing militant extremism, radicalism and drug business in the region. U.S. Ambassador Richard Hoagland said it at the meeting of Kanat Saudabayev, Secretary of State-Minister of Foreign Affairs, with the representatives of the diplomatic corps in Astana yesterday.

According to him, the USA finds the OSCE activity on the Afghan territory as the most efficient way of achievement of these goals. “We hope these aims will be reached during your chairmanship”, R. Hoagland stressed.

The Ambassador said the USA supported Kazakhstan’s focus on search for the new ways of including Afghanistan into the OSCE activity and added that his country welcomed Kazakhstan’s USD 50 mln grant for teaching the Afghan students.

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We wait for Kazakhstan’s leadership in conflicts regulation – US Ambassador Richard Hoagland


Rassul Bakhamov

“We (the USA) consider that the OSCE can continue to play the great role in conflicts regulation in Transnistria  and Nagorno-Karabakh. With big hopes we are waiting for Kazakhstan’s leadership in regulation of longstanding issues”, US Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Kazakhstan Richard Hoagland announced yesterday in Astana.

He said it during the meeting of Acting OSCE Chairman-in-office, Kazakh Secretary of State-Minister of Foreign Affairs Kanat Saudabayev with heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Kazakhstan.

R.Hoagland noted that “the USA joins Kazakhstan’s call to dialog continuation on future security in Europe. He announced that the OSCE is the best forum for such discussions continuation. Your (Kazakhstan’s) adherence to further promotion of Corfu Process, which was started under wise chairmanship of Greece, is crucial for its success”.

“We look forward to deep discussions of strengthening the OSCE ability to prevent and solve conflicts. We are of high expectations from execution of specific steps and projects aimed at removal of transnational threats, which changed dynamics of the European security and threaten all of us”, the Ambassador said.

R.Hoagland noted that “the USA backs Kazakhstan’s attention and personal commitment in regulation of conflicts in the OSCE region”.