KazAtomProm: Kazakhstan To Produce Equipment For Ukraine Nuclear Power Plants

KazAtomProm: Kazakhstan To Produce Equipment For Ukraine Nuclear Power PlantsIn the Ministry of Energy denied the information about the extraction Ukrainian state Kazakh uranium.
The sides are considering the state of Ukraine’s participation in plant construction for the production of fuel elements in Kazakhstan. In particular, the head of the Energy Ministry of Ukraine Igor Nasalik argued that a half years “completely provide the need of energy in nuclear fuel by Kazakh uranium.”

Ukraine’s interest these projects the minister explained by considerations of financial gain.

According to him, the cost of uranium ore in Kazakhstan is about $ 30 per tonne, in the State of Ukraine – $ 129.

“We buy a half thousand tons. The benefit is obvious “, – said the head of Minenergouglya. This will enable to reduce the production of mining method.

Another direction of cooperation – the purchase of Ukrainian Kazakhstan ion exchange resin (used in the treatment of radioactive waste water, cooling water treatment reactors and filters, mixed bed, – ed.) Of about 700 tons. Deliveries are planned at a rate of about 700 tons.

According Nasalika corresponding memorandum will be signed on September 17-18, when employees “Kazatomprom” will arrive in the State Ukraine. “And then the meeting of 2 presidents, and yet most likely, the memorandum goes into state obligations 2 sides”, – the minister said.