A Member Of Mukhtar Ablyazov’s BTA Bank to Prepare Nazarbayev’s Overthrow In Kazakhstan

Accomplice Of The Former Head Of Bta Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov Was Convicted For The Creation Of An Extremist Community To Overthrow The Regime Of Nursultan Nazarbayev In KazakhstanRussian Nationalist Alexander Potkin Imprisoned And Awaits The Former Head Of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov .

The court sentenced nationalist Alexander Belov (Potkin) to seven and a half years in prison and a fine of 650 thousand rubles. He was found guilty on all charges – embezzlement of BTA Bank, the creation of an extremist community to overthrow the regime of Nursultan Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan, as well as inciting ethnic hatred and public calls to extremist activity. And, besides, Potkin has to pay 4.9 billion rubles (!) At the suit of the victims in the case of BTA Bank.

Meshchansky Court of Moscow convicted Alexander Potkina in two crimes – extremism and money laundering. As a result, veteran nationalist, who worked another spokesperson of the founder of the society “Memory”, was sentenced to 7.5 years (from 9 requested by the public prosecutor).

Angry Kazakh This in itself is an amazing combination of political and economic compositions looks of this extravaganza, given that Article 282 (extremism) has been “assigned” Alexander Potkin for training actions in the framework of the project “Angry Kazakh” – that is, for the preparation of a “color revolution” in Kazakhstan . As part of this campaign , Alexander Potkin , according to the verdict of the court, he conducted training in Kyrgyzstan, where going to promising leaders of Kazakhstan. Here they are prepared for the future revolution. How does the Russian judicial system was involved in Kazakhstan’s policy? And why Russian court determines that is extremism in another state? After all, if you follow the logic of the decision of the Meshchansky Court, tomorrow it will be possible to arrest all those who require the overthrow of the American president, and will hold a seminar on the theme “Angry American” somewhere in Georgia. While waiting for extradition The main reason that Russian nationalist Alexander Potkin was behind bars, it is his work on the Kazakh banker and former energy minister Mukhtar Ablyazov . According to charge, which is passed virtually unchanged in the sentence, Potkin received from Ablyazov’s orders, which are then implemented. Sam Ablyazov left Kazakhstan in February 2009. Then he received the status of political refugee in Britain, which, however, did not save him. And now, Mukhtar Ablyazov is in a French prison, awaiting extradition to Russia. In Russia Ablyazov, unlike Potkina, extremism is not accused. Just because in this case no one citizen of Kazakhstan, a political refugee in Russia would never issued. Russia demands Ablyazov as a swindler, who withdrew from BTA Bank, the billions of dollars. And such a case scenario was much more efficient for the court case on extradition, which listened to the French court. BTA Bank was registered in Kazakhstan and gave out loans from its Kazakhstan office. Nevertheless, it requires the issuance of Russia. This initiative is explained very simply. Kazakhstan has no agreement with France for the extradition, and this task was entrusted to Russia. Alexander Potkin denies his acquaintance with Kazakh oligarch, not to mention the political work on it. “No I do not Ablyazov presented itself, I talked with a bunch of Kazakhs”, – said Potkin reporters. Nevertheless, the Russian investigators, assisted by their Kazakh colleagues managed to find witnesses who testified against Alexander Potkina. As a result, he could be charged with the creation of an extremist community to overthrow the constitutional system of Kazakhstan. Amalgam Along with the political component is contained in the sentence, and the charge of money laundering. “The court found that Potkin created an extremist community, and he legalized the cash” – this is the definition used by the judge Albert Trishkin. This is a real amalgam – a term which has received widespread in the judicial practice of the early Soviet era.

In the economic part of the amalgam contains Potkina charged that over the past two years – from 2012 to 2014 – he, together with his team for several years ruled illegally derived from the financial structure of the assets of BTA Bank. During this period of Ablyazov, who brought these assets after the forced nationalization of the bank at the beginning of February 2009, he was on the run, or already in custody. He left Britain in February 2012 after having been sentenced to two years for contempt of court. In July 2013 Ablyazov was found in a rented villa in Nice and is defined in prison. How he managed to guide the actions of Potkina in this period, it remained unclear. Nevertheless, the presence of the economic allowed to actively participate in the process (as the injured party) representatives of BTA Bank, which eventually sued for the amount of almost 5 billion rubles. This is an additional lever of influence on Potkina and his entourage. Great time and material requirements should and probably will play an important role in the case of extradition of Mukhtar Ablyazov to Russia and conduct of the process here. Indications of Alexander Potkina may be a decisive factor in the construction of the second – the main amalgam. But against the very Mukhtar Ablyazov.