96 Countries Confirmed Their Participation In Astana Expo 2017

96 Countries Confirmed Their Participation In Astana Expo 2017The international exhibition EXPO-2017 “Energy of the Future” will be opened in Kazakhstan on June 10 next year. 93 days, rich with cultural activities expect Kazakhstani and foreign visitors. Today, already 96 countries and 18 international organizations have confirmed their participation in Expo 2017 (96th country became Thailand). Commissioners have been already appointed in 83 countries and 9 international organizations. 63 agreements signed with international participants. 53 countries have booked the date of the national day. 5 countries have submitted a thematic concept. The organizers of the EXPO-2017 are sure -that the list of countries and organizations will still grow.


Exhibition complex occupies 25 hectares, which will be allocated dedicated pavilions for each country. The participating countries have already embarked on their self-registration, in its style. The complex is located five kilometers from the railway station, a stone from the airport. In addition to the international pavilions are included in it: Kazakhstan National Pavilion, Hall “Energy”, arts center, amphitheater, themed, corporate, commercial pavilions.

“The layout of the pavilion we have a ring structure, which allows for a uniform distribution of the flow of visitors, which is very convenient for the location of the international pavilions. In a radius equal access to all the main sites – and themed pavilions, and Scope, and Kazakh pavilion. Provided a rich cultural program and international pavilions will be organized “Dance Boulevard”, which will be held shows, parades, performances and other cultural events “, – says Zaur Aytaeva, general manager of the Department of Architecture.

The largest area of 1,250 square meters will take the German Pavilion, which is one of the first carried out all the necessary technical work. Ambassador Rolf Mafael on negotiations with Kazakhstan noted that one of its main tasks for the near future will be the organization of Germany’s participation in EXPO 2017.

“The theme of your exhibition we are very close and interesting. In the near future I want to go on a business trip to Germany and meet with entrepreneurs who are interested in the Expo in Kazakhstan. They are very much “- Mafael said.

The area of the Russian pavilion takes 1,000 square meters. The largest oil and gas companies of Russia will take part in the exhibition.

During the meeting Akhmetzhan Yessimov noted that Turkey supported Kazakhstan’s candidacy to host EXPO-2017 and is included in the list of priority countries for participation in the exhibition.

“Pavilion of Turkey is one of the largest at the show. I am confident that in this way the Republic of Turkey will show their best achievements in the field of renewable energy sources to the EXPO-2017 “, – said Akhmetzhan Yesimov.

Currently in Antalya passes horticultural exhibition EXPO-2016, where the Republic of Kazakhstan is also actively involved. In this regard, the head of the national company said that EXPO 2017 is interesting the Turkish experience in carrying out similar activities.

In turn, Deputy Economy Minister said that Turkey will demonstrate their best achievements in the field of renewable energy.

Japan will be represented by his country at the exhibition two main themes – the experience of the use of energy and future opportunities, and the country’s efforts to address the issues of safe energy. The area allocated to the pavilion of Japan, as in Russia, was 1000 square meters. Also, the rising sun country expressed a desire to present the exhibition car on hydrogen fuel, it does not emit exhaust gases. At the same time, the Japanese said they would like to consider the use of these machines not only in the exhibition area, but also in the city. Besides Japan, the exhibition space is also offered to open a restaurant of national cuisine, which is very fond of Kazakhstan – it is assumed that it will have a lot of popularity.

Upon request, an individual pavilion Thailand reserved area 734 square meters.

“I am impressed by the preparations for the exhibition, so at the end of my visit to Kazakhstan, our government will hold a special meeting to make our pavilion one of the best at EXPO-2017”, – said the Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand Kobkarn Vattanavrangkul.

At the exhibition will be located four theme pavilions, which are some of the key moments of the exhibition and will disclose its theme. Pavilion “World Energy” is the energy, as a phenomenon, and with the help of physics, science experiments, etc. It reveals the possible solutions to a more sustainable energy future, etc. Pavilion “Energy for the Future” illustrates the concept of energy saving and energy efficiency. A separate exposition is devoted to the practical aspects of smart cities, it will be presented to the state program «Smart Astana», etc. Pavilion “Energy for All” is the mechanisms of access to energy the planet’s inhabitants, the study of globalization of energy markets, etc. Pavilion “My energy of the future” – focuses on the personal responsibility of each for the efficient and economical use of energy.


Kazakhstan’s pavilion is located on the 1st floor of the building complex in the fields, with a total area of 5000 square meters.

“Pavilion is the embodiment of the soul of Kazakhstan. National Pavilion will become a metaphoric journey that reveals a vision of future energy – is the man. Thus, the mission of the National pavilion becomes realizing the potential of people of Kazakhstan and the country itself, “- said on the website of the National Company.

Who selected research and development of Kazakhstani scientists in the field of alternative energy, which will be presented at the exhibition.


According to the registration dossier and master plan, the organizers of the exhibition is expected to more than five million visits in these three months. According to preliminary calculations, 55 thousand guests will be held at the exhibition center during the day, on peak days around 110 thousand people. Foreign visitors will be approximately 15%.

Visa-free regime for foreign visitors

One can not consider the fact that from next year visa-free regime will be set for Monaco, Malaysia, Singapore, as well as 35 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, most of them – the European Union.

Previously, to create favorable conditions for the stay of foreign guests, have visa requirements for 20 developed countries has been canceled.


Sale to the exhibition around the world tickets started on June 10 of this year and will last until June 9, 2017. According to the pre-sale ticket on a fixed day is 6000 tenge, as well as on non-fixed weekday. Ticket price advance on unfixed day is 8000 tenge. They can be purchased at the site of EXPO-2017. During the exhibition, they will be more expensive by 30-35%. Each ticket to the international exhibition is protected by a unique barcode.

Free access to the exhibition will have the participants and invalids of the Great Patriotic War, persons with disabilities, orphans and children up to 6 years. Discounted tickets can purchase pensioners, mothers with many children, students and schoolchildren.

On September 1, will open offline offices throughout Kazakhstan. As part of the national celebrations will be organized on-site ticket trade. In addition, the realization of tickets to the exhibition will involve partners of EXPO-2017 – “Kazpost” JSC “NC” Kazakhstan Temir Zholy “JSC« Air Astana ».

The first online purchase of the ticket made a resident of Astana – Olzhas Onal, who received gifts from the management of EXPO-2017.


EXPO-2017 “Energy of the Future” will include more than three thousand cultural Event – large and small.

Ilya Urazakov, Deputy Director of the commercialization of the national companies EXPO-2017 notes that Kazakhstan will meet with the stars of world scale.

“We are really mega-events with the stars of world scale, and many other surprises. While we can not them slightly open due to commercial confidentiality or has not yet been approved before the end of the questions, “- said Urazakov.

In Kaznet even it was reported that Kazakhstan during the exhibition will visit the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardno, however, the veracity of this information is omitted Urazakov.

“I neither confirm nor deny this information can not, because these moments are not yet approved,” – he said.

Together with domestic tour operators developed saturated routes of excursions for foreigners. They included: Charyn canyon, Burabay, Complex Skin Ahmet Yassaui, petroglyphs Tamgaly. Guests of Kazakhstan will be able to see the launch of a rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. It is expected that the international exhibition will serve as a powerful impetus for the development of tourism in the country.

“Tourists have a unique opportunity to get acquainted not only with the sights of our capital city and the fairgrounds, but with all the cultural and historical sites of Kazakhstan. At present, the tourist list includes ecological tours in the national natural parks of the country, routes with a visit to historical and cultural sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, as well as special tours, such as monitoring the launch of a rocket at the cosmodrome “Baikonur”. Expanding the range of tourist services in the region takes place in the framework of the International specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana, which will be a powerful impetus for the development of Kazakhstan’s Travel industry “, – the press service of the National Company EXPO-2017 on the official website.


The organization of EXPO-2017 and involved volunteers. As reported at the Expo, about three thousand people will be connected to different types of activity: translators, promoters, working with VIP guests. In various places: ethno and eco-village, the exhibition objects of accommodation, catering, entertainment, transportation, and other software.

Selection of volunteers is carried out according to the following criteria:

• achievement of a candidate 18 years of age at the time of the exhibition, but not older than 60 years;
• documentary evidence of skills, the presence of which direction you want to select functional activity, preferably experience of participation in cultural events;
• Successfully passing the test base;
• knowledge of Kazakh, Russian and English languages;
• a medical certificate of health;
• lack of a criminal record;
• a letter of recommendation from the school (work).

Everyone who wants to become a volunteer EXPO 2017 should fill out a form on the company’s official website.


Department of commercialization of the national company EXPO-2017 began to implement programs to create licensed products exhibition. It is a question of consumer goods, which will be implemented in the framework of EXPO 2017: souvenirs, stationery, garments, goods needed in the house. As stressed by Ilya Urazakov, the main purpose of creating branded products – a memorable legacy of the exhibition, so that after a few years, people nostalgically remembered this global event. Acquired products Expo will be possible not only in Astana, but in all cities of Kazakhstan: in railway stations, airports, shopping malls. Also, through the official website of the national company will be launched online store. In the autumn it is planned to release 55 titles branded goods EXPO-2017. The following year – 150 kinds of products.


With regard to security – the whole capital will be covered by CCTV during the exhibition. It will also operate call-center, which will take calls and provide background information. On the territory of the pavilions will be located six chambers ambulance, clinic and eight ambulances.+

In addition, the opening of the exhibition will be launched mobile application “EXPO-2017” in three languages. It will include a map of objects, their mode of operation, phone hotlines, police and contact points, taxi, emergency medical service and much more.