KASE urges companies of Kazakhstan to enter to stock market dynamically

KASE urges companies of Kazakhstan to enter to stock market dynamicallyThe Administration of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange doesn’t exclude the output of large national and private companies to stock market under the state program on privatization. However, according to experts, this will be available not earlier than 2018 due to the general economic situation and preparation procedures to enter the KASE and, calculation of the value of companies in the current environment.


In general, we welcome the exchange of the IPO, especially hope that exchange will also participate there and, will be able to offer a stake for individuals in continuation of ‘People’s IPO’ program. We believe that national companies such as Air Astana, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy will be attractive to national investors. Also, we will be able to hold on the same procedure for KazTransOil and KEGOC.

The Administration of the KASE observes a dual trend on prospects for market development in the context of high demand for tenge instruments, as well as the actions of the National Bank to reduce the base rate. On the one hand the new value of money does not pass easily to the bond market, but on the other hand intends to development of the sector of government securities.


National Bank is set to strengthen the impact of the base rates on the government securities market. As we have seen, this trend has a good effect on the secondary market of government securities on the stock exchange with an increased volume.

In general, KASE does not exclude the increase at 10-15% in the second year.