Uralsk needs to build a gas pipeline

Uralsk needs to build a gas pipelineGas pipeline deterioration to TPP in Uralsk exceeded performance standards; in this regard, the regional administration appealed to the government with a request to allocate 700 mn tenge, BNews.kz correspondent reports

Mayor of West Kazakhstan region announced its request in the presence of Prime Minister Karim Masimov, who was on a working visit to West Kazakhstan.

“TPP is a strategic object. 70% of the social facilities of the regional center connected to it. Single- pipeline was constructed in 1977. It needs to be dismantled,” said Altai Kulginov, mayor of West Kazakhstan region.

According to the head of the region, a project to build a gas pipeline reserve in the amount of 3.4 bn tenge was developed in 2014. The national budget has allocated 341 mn tenge for the construction, another 395 mn tenge was allocated from the local budget. Funds were not allocated in 2016.