Russian movie “28 Panfilov’s men” will open the XII international Eurasia film festival

Russian movie 28 Panfilov's men will open the XII international Eurasia film festivalDirectors of the picture, telling about a feat of fighters of a legendary 316th shooting division of the major general Panfilov have made the decision on participation in the largest Kazakhstan film forum, the scriptwriter and the producer of the movie Andrey Shalyopa told the correspondent.

The story about heroism and firmness of the fighters of the 316th shooting division who in November, 1941 have stopped the German tanks on approaches to Moscow will open the XII international Eurasia film festival which will take place in Almaty at the end of September this year. The audience and guests of the Almaty Film Festival is waited by a big premiere – they the first will see the movie “28 Panfilov’s men” on the wide screen.

The epic picture about Panfilov’s heroes-men has been conceived in 2008 and has gone a long way from the scenario before shootings and post-production. Without having got supports from officials from cinematography and without having found sponsors, creators of the movie declared crowdfunding collecting. Thanks to support of 35,000 people who in two and a half years have collected more than 34.5 million rubles – an absolute record among all crowdfunding projects in the history of the Russian cinema, the movie has acquired the unique status of “national cinema”. Later it was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

“The main shooting took place in several kilometers from Saint-Petersburg. Expeditions of a film crew to Moscow area and Almaty have been organized. The combined and stage shootings have taken place on the oldest Russian film studio – “Lenfilm,” the producer of the movie said.

The picture “28 Panfilov’s men” will come out in a wide release on November 24 this year. The Universal Pictures Russia company acts as the film distributor of the movie. Besides Russia, distribution in the CIS countries, and also in China, Europe and Southeast Asia countries is planned. In Kazakhstan 50% of the rights for distribution of the movie belong to JSC Kazakhfilm.