Kazakhstan Takes Over Term Presidency of OSCE

January 11. Journal of Turkish Weekly

Kazakhstan Takes Over Term Presidency of OSCEResolution of Nagorno-Karabakh problem and normalization of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations, establishment of security and stability in Afghanistan are announced to be as the priorities of OSCE under the leadership of Kazakhstan.

According to the report of Anatolia Agency, Kazakhstan, which took over the term presidency of OSCE from Greece on January 1, will struggle for resolution of the regional problems.

Kazakh authorities stated that the situation in Afghanistan has turned into a frozen state. “OSCE should have an efficient role in the resolution of problem,” Kazakh officials stressed. Kazakh officials stated that Kazakhstan is sensitive on the developments in her neighbour Afghanistan. Calling for attention to the problems among the countries in the region, Kazakh officials stressed that problems between Azerbaijan and Armenia might be solved in peaceful methods and Kazakhstan may mediate between two countries since it has good relations with both countries.

Commenting on the problems between Russia and Georgia, authorities said that Kazakhstan, which also have good relations both with Russia and Georgia, may contribute the solution of the dispute between two countries. Reminding the meeting between leaders of OSCE member countries, Kazakh officials stated that last meeting between the leaders of OSCE member countries was held during the term presidency of Turkey in 1999.

It is reported that Kazakh President Nazarbayev invitied members of OSCE for a meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has became the first country to be the term president of OSCE among former USSR countries.