Creation of predictable business environment should become one of priorities of Kazakhstan policy – EBRD President


Dimash Syzdykov

One of the priorities of Kazakhstan policy should become creation of predictable business environment. President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Thomas Mirow has said it at the 22nd plenary session of the Foreign Investors Council in Astana Palace of Independence today.

According to him, Kazakhstani authorities had taken a number of important steps in development of small and medium businesses like introduction of a new Tax Code, removal of barriers for small business development.

Alongside, T. Mirow considers Kazakhstan could improve its policy regarding small and medium businesses support. For this it is necessary to regulate the procedures of tax payment, reduce corruption, improve infrastructure, cut the number of administrative procedures and regulate the procedure of registration of the small and medium business enterprises.

“Thus, the country should create a predictable business environment which will fully demonstrate state support of small and medium businesses”, T. Mirow stressed.

* * *

Kazakhstan needs to establish special infrastructural zones to increase investments


Dimash Syzdykov

“Kazakhstan needs to establish special zones with corresponding infrastructure to increase investments”, Vice President of the Asian Development Bank Shaoyu Zhao has said today at the session of the Foreign Investors Council.

According to him, the industrial investor demand extension of infrastructural services today. Investors of big projects in Kazakhstan will probably require building of their own roads, railways, power plants, waste reduction facilities. Provision of readiness of several zones with such requirements at such large territory as Kazakhstan can attract more investors.

We recommend the Kazakh Government to develop Road Map that would provide integral and geographically balanced industrial growth.

Special industrial parks with lesser investments are necessary to be build for small and medium investors. 

Besides, it is necessary to introduce amendments allowing regional akimats to sign contracts on construction of infrastructural facilities using the model of state-private partnership to the Law “On concession”.

* * *

ENRC to launch new productions in Kazakhstan by 2014: Mashkevich


Timur Bekturganov

“We plan to launch a range of new productions in Kazakhstan by 2014, including productions on goods with high added value and on complex reprocessing of metallurgic wastes”, President of the Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC) Alexander Mashkevich has said today a the 22 session of the Foreign Investors Council.

Despite complicated situation in the world economy, the corporation successfully realizes investment program amounted to USD 2.4 bln.

Among the important innovative projects A.Mashkevich named the construction of the fourth section of the Aktobe ferro-alloys plant, plant on production of flow rolls with the capacity of 700 thousand tons per year.

* * *

Shell Oil Company suggests to elaborate strategy of technological development of oil and gas sphere


Dimash Syzdykov

The Shell Oil Company is suggesting Kazakhstan to elaborate the strategy of technological development of the oil and gas sphere.

Executive Director Exploration & Production and a Managing Director of Royal Dutch Shell plc Malcolm Brinded said it at the 22nd plenary session of the Foreign Investors’ Council under the Kazakh President.

According to M.Brinded, at the beginning it is necessary to the Kazakh Government to make the site plan on definition of the priority oblasts of technological development.

He proposed to use the company’s work experience with the Norwegian Government. According to him, this experience takes into account different approaches in the field of scientific-research potential development in Kazakhstan. “We think that such approach will help develop the mechanism on support of investments to the scientific-research sphere of Kazakhstan oil and gas sector”, M.Brinded noted.

In his opinion, investing into scientific-research and development work directed to implementation of the Kazakh oil and gas projects will help to fulfill innovation potential of the country, and add value to its energy resources.

As the Shell representative noted, the Norwegian Government tuned up close relations between the national and international oil companies for creation of the corresponding capacities and technologies transfer.