North Kazakhstan region attracts more foreign tourists

North Kazakhstan region attracts more foreign touristsMore foreign tourists visit North Kazakhstan region. Guests from Germany, Russia and even the United Arab Emirates come to this region to admire the nature. District Aiyrtau surrounded by with picturesque lakes, as well as one of the biggest and the cleanest bodies of water Imantau impress every tourist. In recent years, the development of national tourism in the area has invested considerable funds. There were opened new holiday resorts, some of them will be open in the winter.

GAUHAR ABDRAKHMANOVA, TOURIST: We came to Imantau to have a rest with my family for the first time. The nature is very beautiful, air is fresh and, water is clean. Everything is fine. You can catch fish and crabs here, there a lot of them. The resort should be developed.

MARINA GENIYATULLINA, DIRECTOR OF TOURIST CENTER: This year the flow of tourists has increased very much. This is due to an appearance of more leisure time that we offer. There is more volume of pantotherapy. We have introduced a food division, so that we can offer food three times a day.