International Army Games 2016: Kazakh military became champions in 2 competitions

International Army Games 2016: Kazakh military became champions in 2 competitionsOur mili were recognized as an absolute champions in ‘Masters of Gun Fire’ and ‘Sniper line’ competitions held in Kazakhstan.

Russia took the second place, China placed third in ‘Masters of Gun Fire’ competition, and Belarus in ‘Sniper line.’

Mikhail Matveevsky, Lieutenant-General, Chief of Missile Forces and Artillery of Russian Armed Forces thanked Kazakhstan for hosting.

“It is new for us to compete in the programs on the territory of another state. The circumstances of relocation, acclimatization, preparation techniques were affecting us. We are grateful to Kazakhstanis, who warmly welcomed all of us. Of course, there were some shortcomings in the judicial rules, drawn up by Kazakhstan in March 2016, but the officiating was more than fair. Under the rules of the movement to remove loose mortar team from the competition and automatically tied for last place. The judges came to this objective, and in spite of the fact that our mortar was not secured, it was considered that he had not fallen and is not damaged. Therefore, we have not taken off, and gave a solid penalty points. Thanks for this. Also team was withdrawn for trauma, but we had a war with an old injury that had no effect on the passage. On the whole, there were important events in the new environment for us because we looked at how our technology works in another territory and found some flaws. We will correct them,” he said.