Democratization of Kazakhstan’s political system will continue -minister

Nov  30. Interfax. ATHENS

Democratization of Kazakhstan's political system will continue -ministerKazakhstan promises to bring its legislation in line with the standards of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) it will chair in 2010, Kazakh Foreign Minister Kanat Saudabayev said.

“We are firmly committed to further democratization of Kazakhstan’s social and political life and modernization of its political system with a focus on preserving internal stability,” Saudabayev said at a session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Athens on Monday.

In 2009 Kazakhstan adopted a national plan of action in the area of human rights for 2009-2012 and a legal policy concept for 2010-2012, he recalled.

“Very soon we are going to pass laws on equal rights and equal opportunities between men and women, on countering domestic violence, as well as several  changes to the laws protecting children’s rights,” the minister said.

Kazakhstan has become the first post-Soviet country to be elected as the OSCE chairman.

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Kazakhstan will send ODIHR monitoring mission to Ukraine  

Nov 30. Interfax. ATHENS 

Kazakhstan,  who  will  assume the rotating  presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)   in   2010,  wants  to  appoint  President  of  the  OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Joao Soares as special coordinator for monitoring Ukrainian  presidential  elections  in  January, Kazakh Foreign Minister Kanat Saudabayev has said.

“Kazakhstan  as  OSCE  president  will  be trying to coordinate the monitoring  process  in  Ukraine  effectively.  The first test is due in January,  when  Ukraine  holds  presidential  elections,  in  which OSCE Parliamentary  Assembly  President  Joao  Soares  will  be  the  special coordinator,”  Saudabayev  told  the  office  of  the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Athens on Monday.

Eight  parliamentary,  five  presidential and two general elections are due in OSCE countries in 2010, he said.

Kazakhstan  also plans to appoint its own envoy for election issues and special   envoys   in   the   consultative  committee  for  election monitoring, led by Honorary President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Goran Lennmarker, he said.

Kazakhstan  will  continue  “the  practice of sending OSCE election monitoring  missions  to  all  countries the charter allows,” Saudabayev said.