China controls almost 30% of crude production in Kazakhstan – deputy

Nov  19. Interfax. ASTANA

China controls almost 30% of crude production in Kazakhstan - deputyChina  controls  nearly 30% of oil production in Kazakhstan, Kazakh Senate member Tasbai Simambayev said at the Senate meeting on Thursday.

“China  produces  almost  30%  of  local crude. There is also a gas pipeline to China,” he said.

“It  is  possible  to shut the door to Europeans. We have done that before.  Yet  Eastern  neighbors  will  not allow us to do that, and any sites transferred  under  their  control  will  not  be taken back for a thousand years,” he said.

The  parliamentarian  suggested  stopping  the  sale of hydrocarbon assets to China.

“We  must  think  about  the future of Kazakhstan, our children and grandchildren.  Probably,  we  should  hold  strategic sites despite the crisis,” he said.

Other  members  of  the  Kazakh  parliament made similar statements earlier.

China, which borders on Kazakhstan rich in mineral resources in the northwest,   has   been  gradually  enlarging  its  presence  in  Kazakh hydrocarbon  projects.  Chinese companies own a number of oil producing, transporting  and  refining assets in Kazakhstan. They are taking active part in the construction of the gas pipeline.

China  is  an  important  hydrocarbon market for Kazakhstan, so the cooperation is very active. Bilateral trade is mounting year to year.