Kazakhstan’s chairmanship in OSCE – high responsibility for peace and security – Nazarbayev

ASTANA. May 21. KAZINFORM. /Muratbek Makulbekov/

Secretary of State of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabayev has delivered a speech at the international conference “Modern Kazakhstan and “Path to Europe”.

“The theme of Kazakhstan’s path to Europe is really important as it allows to observe the country’s development through the prism of our consistent and dynamic integration into European structures, appraise our achievements and define priority tasks. Since the first days of Kazakhstan’s independence the first President Nursultan Nazarbayev seeks to synthesize the European reformism, pragmatism, adherence to democratic principles and Asian traditionalism and conservatism. The basis of his strategy became transformational growth of the country that is known as the Kazakhstan’s path”, K. Saudabayev noted.

Afterwards, the Secretary of State read out the address of President N. Nazarbayev to the participants of the conference.

“Since the establishment of our independence we have made a conscious choice to build the democratic state with market economy. Holding socio-political and socio-economic reforms our state actively develops mutually beneficial cooperation with the European Union. Kazakhstan’s claim for chairmanship in the OSCE was namely the option to further the European integration. Chairmanship of our country in this powerful international organization in 2010 is not only a collective acknowledgement of Kazakhstan’s success, but high responsibility for the enhancement of peace and stability on the Continent. Amid the world crisis it is necessary to find new approaches towards strengthening of security, dialog and mutual understanding between East and West. It is significant to balance development on all three dimensions of the OSCE work: humanitarian, economic and environmental, military and political. These are the priorities of Kazakhstan. Our special program “Path to Europe” is a kind of road map for the chairmanship in the organization. Its implementation will enable to establish broad interaction with the European countries on promotion of democratic reforms and improve life quality, attract investments and advanced technologies, upgrade national legislation, modernize mechanisms of state management in the European manner”, the address reads.


Crisis may favor protectionism – PACE Vice President

ASTANA. May 21. KAZINFORM. /Muratbek Makulbekov/

Vice President of the PACE, Chairman of the Sub-Committee on International Economic Relations, deputy of the Senate of Belgium Paul Ville has made a speech at the international conference “Modern Kazakhstan and “Path to Europe” today in Astana.

According to him, amid the crisis Europe is able to reset world economy only in case it can form a common investment plan aimed at creating new stable economy. “There exists a threat that the crisis may encourage protectionism. Some countries want to close their markets to depart from competition. However this will have a destructive effect at the macroeconomic level and break the economic structure of the last 50 years which turned the Eurasian continent into the most important economic locomotive of the world. Thus it is urgent to start preventing any signs of protectionism now”, P. Ville emphasized.


“Path to Europe” – start of political systems convergence – Senate Speaker

ASTANA. May 21. KAZINFORM. /Muratbek Makulbekov/

“Having become an OSCE member Kazakhstan along with other countries of Central Asia substantially changed the political landscape of the Old Europe”, Chairman of the Senate Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has said at the international conference “Modern Kazakhstan and “Path to Europe” today.

The Senate Speaker noted that with adoption of the “Path to Europe” government program Kazakhstan started implementation of its strategy aimed at consequent perception of the political, legal and moral values of the European civilization. The program shows our move towards the European values.

“This path is a part of the civilization line Asia-Europe leading to overall security and economic prosperity. Figuratively speaking we pave the way from Asia to Europe. And this is not only the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation, but the beginning of real convergence of political systems, cultures and moral and ethic values”, K. Tokayev resumed.


Europe is sustainable time spirit for Kazakhstan – Majilis Speaker

ASTANA. May 21 .KAZINFORM /Muratbek Makulbekov/

“For Kazakhstan Europe is a sustainable time spirit that passes from nation to nation making borders between the center and the periphery flexible”, Chairman of the Majilis (Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament) Ural Mukhamedzhanov has said at the international conference “Modern Kazakhstan and “Path to Europe” today.According to U.Mukhamedzhanov, the efforts of Kazakhstan in this direction should be interpreted as an intention of the country to participate in this world relay, being a voicer of the sustainable spirit of the mankind.

The Speaker noted that Kazakhstan is ready to this as long as it has strong political will in the name of President N.Nazarbayev. During the tears of independence Kazakhstan has almost realized this will in unique economic, social, political and humanitarian projects of modernization of the country. Kazakhstan is an heir of century-long nomadic culture, the passionarity of which influenced on formation of the global world since ancient times.


Results of conference demonstrate rightness of President’s course – Sergey Dyachenko

ASTANA. May 21. KAZINFORM /Muratbek Makulbekov/

The Kazakh Majilis has held a press conference following the results of an international scientific conference “Modern Kazakhstan and “Path to Europe”; Kazinform reports.

“The results of the conference demonstrated rightness of the course of the Head of the State. The results of the discussions confirmed the great importance of strategy for the systematic development of relations with leading European countries. As the participants noted, the aim of the state program is to enter a new level of strategic partnership with the European community that will meet interests of Kazakhstan and European countries. As it was reported at plenary sessions, the Kazakh achievements in the sphere of peace and integration,regional security, democratic construction, tuning up of interfaith interaction have great importance for the OSCE”, Majilis Vice Speaker Sergey Dyachenko says.