Italy-Kazakhstan: Napolitano calls for global effort against terrorism

5 Nov. Adnkronos. Rome

Italy-Kazakhstan: Napolitano calls for global effort against terrorismItalian president Giorgio Napolitano on Thursday called for international co-operation to resolve ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and reduce the threat of international terrorism. Napolitano was speaking while he met the president of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, at the Quirinale palace in Rome.

Napolitano spoke of “the need to find an exit strategy from the critical situation in Afghanistan, while also taking account of the situation in nearby Pakistan”.

“We must foil the threat of terrorism and create conditions for economic and social growth based on the basis of well-being and institutional stability in Afghanistan, reinforcing the structure of security,” he said

Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in central Asia and has more than 16 million people.

Islam is the largest religion in the country followed by the Russian Orthodox Christian faith and Nazarbayev has worked to promote interreligious dialogue in his country.

Kazakhstan has vast oil and mineral resources and bilateral trade between Italy and Kazakhstan is worth 13 billion dollars a year.

GE Oil & Gas, an Italian subsidiary of General Electric based in Florence, on Thursday signed a bilateral accord with Kazakhstan’s sovereign fund wealth fund for a joint venture to develop gas resources and delivery via Kazakstan and Azerbaijan.

During Nazarbayev’s visit, he was to endorse five bilateral accords with Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi while another 13 commercial agreements were expected to go ahead.