Silk Road Economic Belt to bring a wealth of opportunities to the region – President Nazarbayev


Silk Road Economic Belt to bring a wealth of opportunities to the region - President NazarbayevPresident of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev gave an exclusive interview to the Rossiya 24 TV news channel on Tuesday, the Akorda’s press service reports.

During the interview, the Kazakh President talked about the ambitious programs implemented in the country, prospects of cooperation with the EEU member states, key aspects of global economy development and solidifying of cooperation with foreign partners. The Head of State stressed that the issues of infrastructural development raised at the Astana Economic Forum in the Kazakh capital last week are of paramount importance for landlocked Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev said that Kazakhstan reached a certain level in its development and now needs new routes for further growth.

“In this context modernization of infrastructure and construction of new highways will boost Kazakhstan’s economic growth,” the President added.

Nursultan Nazarbayev also noted that Kazakhstan actively uses potential of its neighbors – China and Russia. For instance, the country became a part of the Silk Road Economic Belt initiative [announced by Chinese leader Xi Jinping] by paving new motorway and railway routes through its territory.

The Head of State reminded that with the launch of the Silk Road Economic Belt and creation of the multilateral Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Kazakhstan, Russia and the entire Eurasian Economic Union will get a wealth of opportunities.

In the interview Nursultan Nazarbayev brushed aside the concerns about China’s growing dominance of the global economy. In his words, Kazakhstan and China are about to sign a breakthrough agreement for the construction of a wide range of enterprises. In addition, the Kazakh leader believes that joint Chinese-Russian large oil and gas as well as communication projects will have a positive impact on the entire Asian region and its further development.

President Nazarbayev also touched upon western sanctions against Russia stressing ‘that this situation hurts not only Moscow but other countries’.

As for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Nursultan Nazarbayev said he exerts every effort to solve it in a peaceful and diplomatic way. “It is high time to untangle the deadlock,” the Kazakh leader underscored.

Utmost attention was paid to the upcoming EXPO event in Astana, trilingualism in Kazakhstani education, and 5 institutional reforms initiated by the President.